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10 Love Status Messages For Whatsapp When You Want To Update Your Love Status

We’re sure you’ll have trouble remembering the last time you actually text messaged someone from your phone without using whatsapp. As you all know the messaging app lets you customize your profile, add a picture along with a status message – this serves as the perfect platform to express your feelings, show your love and share what you must with friends and family. If you are looking for the perfect love status messages for your special one and to the rest of the world, check out these 10 romantic love status messages for whatsapp that are sweet, simple, witty and just perfect!


Love really is an awesome feeling that cannot be explained, but only experienced. Let your love know how cool it is to be in love with you with this breezy love status messages for whatsapp.


This quote by Mahatma Gandhi, talks of love being the strongest force in the world. Love is magical, and what better way to express your love than in the words of one of the greatest men India has ever produced. A thoughtful message that sets the right tone for you love and how you see the relationship – of two loving equals.


This one is beautiful love status messages for whatsapp is a truly blessed feeling – of understanding and being understood. If you’re one of the few lucky ones who has a partner whom you understand and who reciprocates that feelings – you’re lucky is all we can say. Tell your partner how beautiful it is to have him or her in your life with this sensible and sweet whatsapp status message.


A witty take on the default whatsapp status “Available”. Tell your friends and everyone else who’s on your whatsapp that you are taken and very happy with the one you’ve. It is a interesting way to break the news – one that’ll surely make your partner feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


If you’re missing your partner who’s away, then this is the best way to let him or her know how much you love and long for him or her to be back in your arms. One of the best short and sweet messages to remind your partner that they are being missed and missed a lot.


Well, you’ve been logical – like a circle has no end, your love for your partner is endless as well. A whatsapp status that is sweet, simple and humorous, one that is just perfect to announce your love and devotion to your partner.


A humorous love status messages for whatsapp that is a witty take on the age old quote that time is precious. Tell your partner that you’re happy wasting it (wisely) by being there with you. A cute message of love that he or she will be happy to read.


A beautiful and heart touching status message that’s perfect for the ones truly, madly and deeply in love. Home is where heart is and heart is where your partner is – make him or her feel loved and cared for with this short and sincere love message.


A simple and straight forward message, that you see and dream and think of your partner all the time. Make them feel extra special with this love status messages for whatsapp!


You’re partner will surely LOL (laugh out loud) when he or she gets to see this funny, sweet and romantic LOL status of yours. Try it and we’re sure they’ll end up smiling all day.


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