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10 Romantic Love Quotes To Restore Your Faith In Love

We live in such a fast-paced world, where we want everything to be quick and easy – whether it is our food, our wi-fi, and sometimes, even love. In a world that runs on Tinder, where you can browse through people the way you would browse through stuff in a store, one cannot help but wonder whether such a thing as true love even exists, or whether romantic love quotes still retain their heart-felt meaning. Whatever happened to heart warming romances that would sweep you off your feet? Do we have a Sinatra crooning “Strangers in the Night” anymore? Whether it is the poets, the philosophers or any other artists, the idea of romantic love, and consequently, romantic love quotes, has been the muse for many a magnificent work of art. Most great art is inspired by either by great love, or by unrequited love. It is not just poets and philosophers, but scientists have done their share of study into the acts of love. Apparently, falling in love triggers a heavy dose of serotonin and oxytocin into our blood streams. Serotonin is the reward system that we see in people who are addicted to something; while oxytocin makes sure we stay monogamous and keeps that roving eye at bay. Interestingly, scientists now believe that romantic love, just like language itself, is panhuman. That is, no matter what culture or society, love and language are common to all societies. But the form that love takes, the means by which it is expressed, is different across cultures and times. So, all hope is not dead. If love has blossomed in the human heart from times and cultures that have nothing in common with us, then love can definitely transcend the internet and its drastic and oft unwanted effects on our lives. Mayhaps, a few of the self-proclaimed stalwarts of Indian culture may also do well to look at these studies that definitively prove that “love” is not a western construct that is touted by the youth on Valentine’s Day. It is something that is indelibly human, and is a vital part of living a full and complete life.


















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