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12 Body Care Gifts Ideas

These ideas will nourish your body (and soul) with wholesome, natural ingredients. Oh right, we are talking about gifts to give away. In that case, make a double batch and reward yourself for your thoughtfulness by taking some time in the bathroom ALONE (if you’re a mom you know what I mean!).

1. Lotion Bars – Luxurious and silky smooth, lotion bars melt slightly when rubbed against the warmth of your skin, leaving a layer of moisture that softens and protects. They are perfect both in the dry winter months and as a summertime after-sun soother. Many people find them especially helpful for dry patches on elbows, knees, feet and hands. I keep one in my purse, another one in a soap dish next to the kitchen sink for after I wash dishes, and a few in my pantry to give away.

2. Lip Balm – This tried-and-true, super easy lip balm recipe moisturizes and protects with beeswax, natural cocoa butter and coconut oil. While it’s very soothing to chapped lips, it’s also light enough to be worn year-round.

3. Calendula “Everything” Salve – Because it’s so versatile, I call this easy formula my “everything” salve. I use it as a face moisturizer, chapped-lip balm, baby bottom balm, owie salve, burn salve and bug bite balm. Makes a great gift for a mom to keep in her purse!

4. Sugar Cookie Body Scrub – Sugar contains naturally occurring glycolic acid, which dissolves old, dead skin and makes exfoliating that much easier. This sugar scrub exfoliates beautifully and smells delicious.

5. Dead Sea Salt Scrub – This lime-infused scrub feels amazing, and it leaves skin soft and dewy. Unlike regular salt, which can be drying, Dead Sea Salt contains minerals which actually hydrate and support skin health.

6. Vanilla Body Spray – This particular recipe has three different variations: One that blends vanilla with the sweet, tropical aroma of ylang ylang, another that contains a hint of sweet orange, and one that incorporates the rich aroma of coffee.

7. Nourishing Rosehip Face Serum – This blend contains ingredients that support skin repair and renewal, elasticity and firmness, and even skin tone.

8. Dry Shampoo – This technique for “washing” my hair on days I technically have to skip the suds is one of my favorite tips to share with busy moms. It’s called dry shampoo, and it can transform greasy, lifeless hair into locks that are fresh and full of body. It works by absorbing excess oils on scalp and hair, leaving hair looking freshly washed. It’s good for all hair types: oily, normal, and even dry when used sparingly – and makes a great gift for busy moms. I love giving this gift with a nice makeup brush for easy application.

9. Tinted Lip Balm – This sheer, blush-colored tinted lip balm moisturizes and protects, but is light enough to be worn year-round. It’s super easy to make, too, and you can use your leftovers to make powdered blush in under 5 minutes.

10. Whipped Tallow Balm – Tallow balm is uniquely compatible with our skin’s biology, leaving it supple and nourished after use. It’s perfect as a daily face and body moisturizer, or as a soothing balm for dry/chapped skin, diaper rash, sunburns, and eczema.

11. Relaxation In A Jar (Bath Salts) – This easy homemade bath salt recipe is made with magnesium, the “Magic Mineral” that helps with stress, detoxification & maintaining healthy energy levels.

12. Whipped Body Butter – After testing countless variations and hearing “Mama, can I eat that?” on more than one occasion, I’m sharing my absolute favorite whipped body butter recipe with you. It’s not greasy, leaves skin feeling so soft, and is super simple to make.


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