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20 Cute Love Quotes That Instantly Brighten Up The Day

Love is a great charmer. It takes you over with its firm influence, caresses you with its gentle touch and eventually throws you in a state of great ecstasy. But, there is one attribute about love which is ever-present and conspicuous, and that is its wonderful characteristic of being cute and adorable. Therefore, in endorsement of this love trait, we bring to you 50 cute love quotes to help you bring a smile on the face of your beloved.


When someone means a lot to you then they become the perennial source of perpetual joy and happiness which never wears off. Instead, it stays with you forever.


There are always those moments when just the tender look of your beloved leaves a sweet tingle in your heart which you can never overcome. This quote best captures that mushy feeling, which most in true love endure.


This is the thread that binds you with your soul-mate for a lifetime and gets its strength from the bounteous love between the both. This red thread of love, that’s what cute love quotes like this one talk about.


Once struck by the cupid, all that life then becomes is a journey where everything that matters is the loving sight and company of your beloved; every day, every moment.


This is the best quote to use when you want to express your gratitude for all that your partner has been to you – a strong, caring and supporting person on whom you can never stop showering your love and affection.


A cute way of expressing your affection without using much words in the first place. If you are among the ones who are a bit clumsy at finding the right words for articulating your love, then this one will surely work for you.


When you know that you have found the one you always wanted, you spare no moment to start imagining a life that has the blissful company of that person. Eventually, the life you spent alone becomes a distant stranger.


Isn’t it a cute moment when that happens? This quote captures the focal point of that moment along with featuring adorable connotations of love and admiration between two partners.


A sweet way of communicating your unconditional love, which you have always expressed from the bottom of your heart. Makes a great quote to share your love in as little words as possible.


That is because reality is more alluring than perhaps the heavens will ever be; and this is because there is a special person by your side, who has made every moment of life worth living with their exuberant love. So go ahead and tell them so with these cute love quotes.


It is that face you fell for and the one which makes your knees weak, even till this day. When you are in love, all that is sufficient to brighten your day is the charming luminance of the one you love.


The best quote to epitomise your feeling, when the only thing on your mind, most of the times, is the thought of the sweet moments spent with your beloved.


There are little things which partners always do to keep each other happy and joyful. This is a great quote, which you can share to acknowledge your partner’s efforts.


Another cute quote that captures the sentiment of the moment when you can’t help but smile at the sight of your beloved. It is when they notice you doing that and smile back in return, that the moment becomes absolutely precious and memorable.


As you progress in life, things change, certain people change. But if there is someone who always stays by your side with belief then that is your soul-mate. This quote makes a great expression of gratitude towards the resilience showcased by your loved one.


When a vagabond ship finds a harbour, it finds a place which is a safe haven. In the same way, when the restless soul finds a loving soul-mate, it is then that it realises it has discovered the ultimate peace. Such is the truth behind cute love quotes like this one.


Another extension of the previous quote’s principle. There is nothing more reassuring than the loving company of a beloved soul-mate.


The brilliance of love brightens every path of life with its unsurpassable glow. This is a glow which is brought by the person who stays by your side, holds your hands and always keeps loving you at every stage of life.


This one is not just cute but will also bring a cheer on the face of your loved one. It is a quote which is a representation of the mushy feeling you experience when the mind is all absorbed in the thoughts of a beloved.


It is an implication of the fact that we don’t fall in love with the perfections of a person. We fall in love with the innocent imperfections of an individual and adore them, while that person is cowering in fear of revealing those imperfections to the world.


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