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8 One Line Love SMS Texts To Say The LOVE Word

We all desire to express how we feel. And sometimes, in as little words as possible. Sometimes we are able to find the right emotions to convey our hearts deepest desires and at times we are not. If you find yourselves at a crossroad, beaming up with emotions but unable to pen it down for the love of your life, browse through these nine romantic one line love SMS messages that beautifully sum-up everything you feel for that special someone.


This touching one line love SMS tops our list. Sometimes that first gentle touch sends chills down the spine. Then and there, we know it in our heart that we are meant to be together. If you felt the same, you should tell him or her and rekindle the old flames. Never let love die. Live every day to fall in love again.


This one line love message will surely make your day better. Sometimes it just takes one person to show how truly magnificent and beautiful a person you are. And when you find that person, you don’t hesitate in telling the truth. And this is what you say when you know that he/she brings out the best in you.


From dawn till dusk, summer to winter, days pass by, and your heart still beats for the one person. Never hold back your feelings and hide them away from him or her. Take the plunge and express what he or she truly means to you.


You know it in your heart that you two are meant to be together. But how else do you express that? This one line love SMS is just perfect for doing that. It sounds like you have narrated your whole story in those many words.


This moving one line love SMS goes out to all those who know what true love is and to all those who are waiting to find it. We get that not everybody understands what true love is. However, only those who have felt it, know that you need somebody in your heart because you love him or her. Because your world is not complete without him or her. Because you have dreamt and planned your tomorrow together.


True. So true and also my favourite. Love does not make your world go round. Love is about that journey you travel, and the path you tread with that one person. Love is those moments you spend together, laughing and crying, teasing and pleasing one another – a journey that you want to take with that one special person.


At some point, we all hope to be somebody’s first kiss. Somebody’s first love. But we never stepped back and thought, do we just want to be all about that first love and kiss? Or do we want to be that last love that stays forever?


Don’t we all wish for that perfect happy ending? We all wish for a fairy tale like love life, where everything blooms beautifully, and looks absolutely perfect. It feels like a reverie. And when we open our eyes, we stand face to face with the harsh realities of life. But one day, that special someone walks into our life, and makes us believe that we can have that perfect fairy tale happy ending too.

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