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8 Yummy Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes

New Year’s parties and other celebrations are looking for good cocktail substitutes, ways to hold a drink and participate in parties without actually consuming alcohol, and good non-alcoholic cocktail recipes can help fill that need. Pregnant women, recovered alcoholics, designated drivers, and a wide range of others rely on non-alcoholic cocktails to provide a taste of the party without the health and social risks related to consuming alcohol. Here are some choices for enjoying a beverage that’s alcohol-free, but offers some of the same signature tastes of traditional cocktails.

1. Shirley Temple – This mix of ginger ale and Grenadine offers cocktail fans the opportunity for a ‘’virgin drink” that has immediate name recognition in almost any bar in the country.

2. Virgin Bloody Mary – When it comes to non-alcoholic drinks, the virgin bloody mary is another one that has the same heavy taste of the original cocktail, without the vodka twist. You’ll be drinking a blend of tomato juice and fruit juices, with a few other extra ingredients, to evoke the taste of this popular drink while staying away from the liquor.

3. Cider Drinks – For a lighter take on non-alcoholic drinking, teetotalers can find cider drinks that rely on an apple base, adding items like cloves and cinnamon for a rich holiday flavor. A winter favorite, cider without the rum or other alcohol can taste almost exactly the same as it would loaded up with booze.

4. Non-alcoholic Coffee Drinks – The coffee taste is another way to provide a non-alcoholic cocktail that still has rich, hearty flavors. Mixing coffee with milk and other ingredients can give the recipient the flavor of a white Russian, Kahlua beverage or Bailey’s with zero percent alcohol in the glass.

5. Faux Mojito – Anyone who wants to enjoy this flavorful summer beverage can do it without the alcohol. Here, the signature taste is provided by fresh mint and lime juice. Just add sugar and fizz, and you’ll have a tasty mojito that won’t lead to some of the nasty hangovers that the original drink can create the day after the party.

6. Simple Carbonated Cocktails – Sparkling water or anything else with fizz can effectively mimic cocktails or champagne. Use items like tonic water and cranberry juice to provide healthier, alcohol-free variations on the classics, for a good time without the gin, vodka, whiskey or other heavy stuff.

7. Fruit Smoothie – Want a thicker drink? A fruit smoothie with banana, berries or other whole foods can pack a real health boost, while keeping the alcohol out of the equation.

8. Non-Alcoholic Nog – This holiday favorite is also enjoyed alcohol-free. Buyers can even get “virgin” versions of this drink in the supermarket around Christmas time. Or, make your own with cinnamon and other spices.


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