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Two days had passed since Cece arrived on the boat. Bruce had been able to read her body and feel her needs without even knowing her. For the two days that Captain Bruce explored her from head to toe, she had let herself go into a trance like state. Anything outside of the pleasure that was causing her to come to the point of screaming, was erased from her mind.

As Cece tried to roll over to face this man who had command over her, she was forcefully pushed back on her side with her ass firmly pushed into his semi-hard cock. Bruce’s hand reached over her hip and tickled her clit gently. He was checking to see if she was wet enough for him to slide between her legs and take her hard and fast – hard enough that she would gasp at the force but wet enough that she would also moan at the ease that her lips took hold of him and pulled him deep inside her.

This had been the ritual the last two mornings and intuitively, Cece knew not to fight it. It felt to the Captain that in fact, she was very ready to have him. As his fingers ran along the inside of Cece’s pussy, the heat and the wet were enough to have him aching to get inside her. Carefully, he slid her leg out toward the edge of the bed. He grabbed himself and guided the hard, throbbing ache into the dripping wet that was begging for him. Cece gasped with excitement. Bruce leaned into Cece’s neck and ran his tongue over her ear while he held her by the hips and pushed deep inside her.

He whispered, “You were ready for me…are you ready now to come for me?”

Between moans Cece managed to answer “yes”. Holding her hips as close to his groin as possible, the Captain fucked his passenger as fast and as hard as he could. Cece yelled and called out in ecstasy, “Oh Bruce! Oh Bruce!”

He yelled back: “Come for me…come for me!”

Similar to their first encounter days before, they both came at the same time. The rush of the wet between them was enough to make Cece want to come all over again. She tried to pull forward slightly but Bruce’s hands were firm and held onto her hips. He stayed right inside her and wanted the pleasure to continue – for both of them. His fingers swiftly ran over her hip and back to where they had started, in the very top of her clit. He began massaging the tender piece of skin that was so enlarged and pulsing. He moved his pelvis in circles against her ass so she would move with his fingers. No words were needed. Cece knew what he wanted. She whispered, “more, more…”

The Captain answered: “be a good girl and you will get more.”

His fingers moved faster and as they did Cece’s hips did too. Once Bruce had her in a rhythm, he gently slipped his other hand into her tight ass and his fingers played with both parts of her. Cece called out for him as she had done a dozen times over the last two days. Her pussy was on fire and ready to come as her bum tightened around Bruce’s fingers. “More, more, more” was all she could say as she came so hard that Bruce could no longer hold her body. The Captain had momentarily lost control of his ship. He was certain, however, that he would be able to regain control and keep on sailing.

Cece’s body went limp and she rolled over to be face to face with her Captain. He kissed her lips with force and played with her nipples. Bruce told her to rest while he pulled up the anchor and readied the boat to move onto the next destination. Cece did as she was told because she knew that if she obeyed, she would be rewarded. There was no greater reward for her than allowing the Captain to use her for his pleasure and in turn, pleasing him. Cece’s mind quieted and her body absorbed every touch, every kiss, every taste, every deep, hard push. She needed to be filled up with his cock in her mouth, in her pussy. She needed his control because… she loved it.

Cece waited in the bed. She heard the anchor chain pulling the anchor up. The next destination… where would Captain Bruce take her next?

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