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That night, Rachana waited at his apartment door before knocking.

Standing there for the moment, she began to question everything, her entire play for power.

Should she take them out of the political arena? The Governor and the state legislators had worked out deals, faced off in the news media and in speeches all over the state. People from both sides debated their viewpoints before formal and informal meetings and government committee hearings. They had even long discussed controversial issues at the bar.

Rachana was in the thick of those debates. However, she had never been laid, on the couch, with a senator below her. She knew she had a moment to leave. But she knew, if Johnny opened the door, Rachana Shah, senior advisor to the Transportation Commissioner, would have gone to a new place.

“What am I thinking!” she chided herself. She smoothed out her tight black dress and thought of the lace panties and matching bra she was wearing. Her hands ran down her figure to her hips, and her eyes continued down her body to the tiger-print heels, the pair he loved.

She questioned herself for even thinking about Johnny tonight. “This is a cut to all the work I’ve done in my career,” she whispered under her breath. “I’ve got to leave, I can’t do this.”

The sexy woman turned away from the door. Yet, as life often forces people to make tough choices, she had to make a such a decision, because the door opened.

“Rachana? I’m surprised to see you at my place. And, wow! You look lovely— to say it politely.”

Looking over her shoulder, she saw him, in a pair of sports shorts and a tight shirt, propped against the doorway, like a teenager boy leans on his new car.

“I’ve got to go,” Rachana mumbled, “I’m, uh, late for a meeting.”

“In that outfit?” He smiled. “I can be the chauffeur, as long as you sit in the front seat by me.”

“I only ride in the back when I’m being chauffeured, Senator.”

He stood straight and tall. “That can be arranged, Ms. Shah, riding in the back. But you know as well as I do there is no meeting. Come inside for a drink, or something. No need to get dressed up for nothing.”

She realized the choice had been made for her. She had led herself here and now she had to finish.

“Maybe for a little bit.”

Johnny’s house smelled like chocolate brownies. She drifted around living room, getting a read on the private side of the young senator’s life. She took a seat in the middle of Johnny’s dark leather couch. It was stiff, not often used. She looked around the apartment in her nervousness. Nothing too much stood out. He had a large TV. A mirror hanged above the couch. The latest issue of Reader’s Digest was on a stand next to the couch. The magazine had been a coaster at one point. She could see into the kitchen. He had no dirty dishes, except for the ones he used to make the brownies.

Her overview of the place ended when Johnny walked into the room, with an oven mitt shaped like a puppy with its tongue hanging out.

“Do you usually just make brownies regularly for yourself?” she said, stretching her arm across the couch.

“A man needs sweets too.” He smiled. “I just put them in the oven. Should be done in about fifteen minutes. I like them gooey.”

Rachana knew she had to be gone in ten minutes, at the latest, to avoid any and all undeniable temptations.

“So, Rachana, for real, tell me what’s going on. You just show up here unannounced?”

“Johnny, I thought we left things in a bad place the other day.”

She looked her way up his body. His trim waist, tough hands, strong forearms, broad shoulders, his grin.

“I shouldn’t’ve left like I did,” she said. She stood up slowly, allowing her cleavage to show, deeply and enticingly. “I wanted to keep up a good relationship with you. We’re, well,” she stuttered for a moment. His clean scent of sandalwood and musk caught her attention. “We’re sorta …”

“In the same community, wanting different things done?”

“Yes but no. I remember sitting down with you in your office. The way you looked at me. How you tried to play the charmer.” She stepped closer and ran her finger from the shirt collar, down his chest and to the waistband of his shorts. “You knew what you wanted way before we had that meeting.”

Stepping forward, she pressed her body against his. Her breasts squeezed between them. She felt his large hands slide around her waist and stop on her ass. Then he pulled her tight against him. In that position, she could feel what he was thinking. “You want me,” she said softly, exhaling the words.

He cupped her head in his hands and kissed her furiously. And she responded willingly and excitedly. Everything, from the flirting in his office to the night at the bar to now, had led up to this moment. They finally were alone and in no official capacity. She dragged his shirt up his lean torso. Then, he paused his kisses to yank down his shorts, leaving him only in his briefs. His fingers moved up her skirt, exposing her new panties and her jiggly booty. They fell back on the couch. She, on top; he, glad to let her stay there.

His lips sucked at her body with each kiss. From her ear lobes, down her neck and along her collarbone. She moaned in pleasure for the man below her. Further down, his hands were squeezing her ass. He wrenched the flesh in tight grips. She felt the pain from his fingers forcibly massaging her. His grip and grabs had driven her panties into her butt like a thong.

Their touching and kissing continued, until the oven’s timer dinged. The brownies were done.

Hearing it, they both froze, roused from pleasure to reality.

Rachana didn’t want him to leave her on the couch. As he stood, Rachana let her hand run along his lower body. As he walked to the kitchen, her ten-minute deadline crossed through mind. She needed to leave, not give in. Otherwise she would be captured, enraptured.

She slid off the couch. Her legs were wobbly from the passion and stimulation. She shifted the dress down over her butt and adjusted her breasts in her bra. She brushed her messy hair out of her eyes and tried to tidy it up.

But she watched the comely man in the kitchen with oven mitts on and had a moment’s debate about leaving. She knew the night would be long and she would be kneaded well.

She stood up and let her panties slide down her legs. There she was. A dress as high as her hips and her clean-shaven pussy fully exposed. She sat down again and calmed herself. Inhale, exhale, steady pace. She closed her eyes briefly.

Hearing him, she opened her eyes to see a stiff dick and a plate of gooey brownies coming to her. All the thoughts of what could be rushed into her mind, but they were flushed away by the hardness and softness Johnny brought with him from the kitchen. With her legs slight apart, she watched him staring directly at her hidden treasure. The brownies almost dropped. She set the plate on the table.

He could not take his eyes off of her. Being seen, gawked at by such a man as Johnny, her body weakened again. “Put it in me now,” she ordered.

He obliged, leaning forward and entering. They ground together and moaned in pleasure. She enjoyed listening to his gruff grunts and groans. The place echoed with the animalistic rumblings of fucking.

Johnny raised up and put a hand on the back of the couch as he watched his slippery dick drag out slowly. Then he shoved it in again deeply, ruthlessly, continually.

Rachana loved what was happening. A man, his dick, her pussy, and a long fuck.

She climbed on top of him to ride on his cock. She had forgotten how much she liked when her tits bounced in sync with a man’s body movements.

Her grimaces of luscious pain transformed into smiles of pleasure all in a moment. She flung her head back and groaned in pure joy. The joy lasted through the grimace, the smile and an exhale of intense orgasm.

It had been a long time since her private lips had been parted and so reddened by a man.

“I want you to come in from behind.”

He smacked her ass hard when she turn away from him. Aiming he penetrated his dick into her wet pussy. She squealed.

Soon his body stiffened. She felt that he couldn’t control himself, or didn’t want to. He unloaded into her. She gasped at feeling the jolts deep inside. Perfect timing.

She rocked back and forth on his cock to take advantage every moment of his lasting his hardness.

That night, they ate and drank all they wanted.

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