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She always dallied provocatively to tease him while she was half-dressed, a flirty game to encourage him to ogle her scantily clad figure and feed her need for his unflagging adoration.

Often it devolved into removing just enough of the lacy lingerie to indulge themselves one last time before leaving the house for a social gathering. Invigorated, they would eventually depart with fresh sense memories of their recent voracious intimacy, arriving fashionably late… fooling no one as to the reason. Both found these hurried frolics thrilling and yearned to quickly return home for another go-around with each other, despite the festivities that demanded their attendance.

He lusted for the responsive acquiescence of her body at his touch and command… and she was his willing wanton. Ever the problem solver, he hatched a solution to their insatiable appetite for each other.

Tonight, as she frisked about the bedroom readying herself, he caught her in his arms, brought them both to their knees to introduce her to a viable ‘partner in crime’. He couldn’t resist massaging her breast as he held the small insertable vibrator near her ear and ran it through its paces, from one setting to the next. There were 10 in all… variable strengths, different sequences and always a sufficiently muffled whirring with each. The prospect of his playfully planned public sexploit for them was already arousing her for the impending possibilities. She had her preferences and would use their agreed-upon secret gestures to indicate which was desired from his hand-held remote.

He convinced her to wait until they arrived at the gathering to engage it for the first time, without a test run, to add an element of surprise. He promised to help her insert it discreetly as they rode to the destination. The limo was already waiting downstairs to whisk them away, so she slipped into her evening dress while he straightened his tie and tuxedo jacket.

Their chauffeur obliged his request for privacy and he reverently knelt down to make good on his promise. As she slowly hoisted her skirt, his fingers travelled from her knees to trace the path up her inner thigh, gently insisting she open up for him. There was no hesitation as he helped her shimmy her silk and lace thong down past her knees.

His eagerness was barely contained as he gallantly offered to kiss and lubricate her in preparation for inserting the device into her intimate depths. She noted her appreciation for his justification to taste the slickness of her own making that he knew was waiting for him there. He suckled at her juiciness for a moment just to hear her gasp and whimper… and promise him he wouldn’t be replaced by the gadget.

Teasing him with a “We’ll see”, she groaned low as he eased it deeply into her slippery crevice and kissed away the flavor there one last time before pulling her lacy panties up past her garters. They smiled mischievously at each other and re-adjusted their clothes, just in time for their arrival at the party.

As they approached their hosts to greet them, his impish impatience got the better of him and he triggered a low-level setting on the remote in his pocket. She flinched, casting a glance his way before she kissed their old friend full-mouthed for what could be considered an inappropriate length of time. Understandably, the hostess was taken aback, but enthused how much she had missed spending time with her… whispering, perhaps they could meet up later in the garden… to catch up.

Her husband intervened to pull her into a warm embrace, and she could swear he felt the gizmo’s subtle vibrations through her body. Perhaps he did, because his friendly welcome kiss included a tentative tongue that seemed to be an unanswered question for her acceptance of much more. Genuine warmth and meaningful looks passed between all four adults before they were directed to the bar for refreshments to start the evening and join the other guests.

Pulling him into a corner, she called a time-out and he dutifully toggled the off button, to allow her to gather her wits. She relayed her experiences so far, expressing a profound horniness for their hostess and a new-found interest in her husband. He complimented her glowing level of sexiness… the gadget made her even more irresistible… if that was possible. In turn, she half-chastised him for his lack of restraint with the oddly-timed trigger. Seeing his remorse, she kissed him deeply to appease her most inopportune arousal… and take the opportunity to surreptitiously nick the remote from his pocket.

Needing to control her own destiny for the evening, she understood her moments could not be entrusted to an inveterate practical joker. He was dismayed, but she suggested she would gladly obey and relay his gestures for various settings throughout the night. Promising him the surprise attack would be for another place and time, after she had a chance to break it in, seemed to appease him with the logic they had not thought completely through. She assured him all was good and she was looking forward to the thrilling adventure this night promised.

He kissed her deeply once again and asked her what she was drinking. Tonight, tequila was the only correct answer, so he was dispatched to fetch a few shots while she found a comfortable chair.

While she waited for his return from the crowded bar, it wasn’t long before the siren call of the remote was a curiosity she couldn’t resist. Rationalizing that a little down time was the best moment to kick the tires and test her limits… that, and she craved the sensations from her new-found buzzy pal. She reached into her pocket and hit the button twice to enjoy a low syncopated rolling undulation… then sporadic bursts at predictable intervals… onto a thunderous rumble that tingled more deeply and thoroughly than she thought possible.

Just as she was rhapsodizing about this being the best toy ever, she noticed a group of men approaching her like moths to a flame. She double tapped the remote for the impending encounter, seductively crossing her legs slowly to feel the full force. He and the drinks would arrive soon enough, but for now, she had a few theories of her own to road test. She looked up to greet the strangers with a self-satisfied smile.

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