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Amazing Sex Facts You Never Knew. Till Now

Here are 11 interesting facts that you didn’t know about sex… for science. Or for that sex trivia quiz you and your mates always get involved in down at the pub. Your call.

Did You Know That…

1. Greece Is The Horniest Country In The World That’s right, according to the authority that is the expert polls over at AskMen, people in Greece are having the most sex out of anyone else in the world.

2. PGAD Is A Thing

And if you have it, you can’t stop orgasming. Before you reach to put air quotes over it’s classification under “disorders,” know this: 200 orgasms a day and the aching pain that accompanies it isn’t fun at all.

3. Having Sex Will Ease That Headache

Really. Studies have shown that sex heps all sorts of painful ailments from arthritis, to cramps and even headaches. This is because having sex releases a hormone known as oxytocin which can help alleviate pain. Of course, it gets even more effective if you reach climax.

4. Keep Your Woman Pleased…

When she’s ovulating. Studies have shown that women are more likely to commit adulterous acts during ovulation, so make sure to be keeping her happy during this time of the month!

5. Rouge Is The Color

What’s been touted as an old wives tale has been outed as fact by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. In their experiments, researchers found that men who were shown multiple photos of the same woman in different outfits, most often ended up picking the picture of her in red as the most sexually desirable.

6. Some People Cant Climax

And no, they’re not stubborn, they have a condition. It’s called Anorgasmia (say that back slowly) and it can mean little to no orgasms throughout the affected persons life.

7. Men Dig The Booty

And the thighs, and all of the other curves. A University of Texas study showed that men’s brains, when on drugs and viewing curvaceous women, behaved the same: the reward system lit up.

8. 1 Out Of (??) Women Can’t Orgasm Through Penetration Alone

So there’s no fixed figure, and if there is we can’t say we have it. What we do know is that the number is large enough to be significant, and this is important to understand. Many, many women cannot orgasm through penetration alone, so clitoral stimulation, among a whole host of other things (including toys) can come into the picture. Do your research, see a specialist.

9. Orgasms Are Like Fine Wine

That’s to say they get better with age. According to a University of Gothenburg study, women reach their sexual peak in their 30s and it only gets better from there! Senior citizens often have little complaints about the sex they’re having (if they’re having it). Hah, made you imagine.

10. Sperm Can Live 5+ Days

No seriously. This has major implications with most of the things you’re going to be doing in the bedroom (or wherever), so do take notice.

11. Sleepy Men Think They’re Hot

According to the American Academy Of Sleep Medicine, sleep deprived men think that women want to bed them, for some strange reason we can’t fathom. Can’t argue with science though, can you?


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