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Beautiful Real Life Stories Prove Love Can Actually Happen In Arrange Marriages

The scenario of arranged marriages in India is not the way it used to be even a decade ago. A traditional Indian arranged marriage was merely restricted to the involvement of the parents of both the parties and most often the first time the girl and the boy would meet would be at the marriage venue. But things have changed slowly and steadily for the better in the last few years and people are actually opening up to the idea of an arranged marriage but not in an archaic way. Thet are even those that claim it’s possible to find love in arranged marriages.

Nowadays, thanks to the matrimonial websites and broadmindedness of the Indian parents, the rules of arranged marriages have changed for the better and you can actually expect to fall in love with the person (and I am saying ‘head over heels’ kind of love) before you finally tie the knot and claim to be a couple bound by the sacred thread of holy matrimony.

It is no more a situation where the boy and the girl do not get to see each other before marriage while the talks are going on and are clueless about each other on the wedding day. In the present times, you can actually court your lady or be courted by your guy with the blessings and approval of your family without judgements or apprehensions. This is why more people are optimistic about finding love in arranged marriages.

Is love in arranged marriages possible? Of course! Many couples have shared their experiences of finding love in an arranged situation and how they are blissfully married, enjoying every moment of their life. Rachna shared her experience of tying the knot through an arranged match and this is what she has to say:

Isn’t that just beautiful? And the mystery and uncertainty in an arranged love marriage mystifies the charm even more.

Even Sugandha has a beautiful story to share of how she fell for her husband after having an arranged marriage. Let’s hear her out!

It is no more a cliché to go ahead with an arranged marriage and it’s also not the end of your fairy tale romance. Love is something that can be found in the most unexpected places! Sometimes love comes in varied and the most unexpected ways and can totally overwhelm you with the happiness it brings along. So, don’t close the doors of your heart and if going for an arranged marriage, go ahead with an open mind and see how magical it can turn out to be.


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