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Best Sex Positions Of All Time

Prepare to have your mind blown as you get your groove on in the bedroom – or outside of it – with our 14 best sex positions of all time.

14. The Kneeling Fox

Type: Primal

The kneeling fox is fairly simple… to understand. The woman gets on her hands and knees and leans forward on her arms. He kneels as well, grabs a hold of your waist and well… mind-blowing finale await.

Verdict: Hot.

13. The Driver’s Seat

Type: Athletic

The man lies on his back, and the girl climbs on top of him. Sound familiar? There’s a catch, you have to spread your legs as far apart as you can get them, and if you can manage this (with a few prior stretches), you’re in for a really deep connection.

Verdict: Hot. Not for everyone.

12. The Happy Horse

Type: Erotic

You need: 1 chair, two persons with compatible sexual paraphernalia. He sits, you clamber on and stretch your legs out behind him. He hold your arms, you lean back and dictate tempo. You’ll find that it just about hits the spot.

Verdict: Always worth a try.

11. All Backed Up

Type: Quickie, Primal

While not the easiest position on this list, this is one for those times when you’re just plain in the mood. Find a narrow section of the house where two walls are quite close together (a closet? Part of the excitement!) and have him lean against one with his back, while his legs take the support of the other wall. This will leave him in a sitting position along with a seat waiting just for you.

Verdict: Exciting!

10. Spooning

Type: Classic

How does it work? You lie on your side, he lies on his side. Behind you. Get ready to feel real close together, and it’s good for the ladies too, if you know what I mean. Super easy and super intimate.

Verdict: A winner.

9. Heaven’s Own Throne

Type: Risqué

You need: A comfortable chair with no arms. He sits with his feet firmly on the floor, she climbs on. He holds the bottom of your thighs and makes all the moves. She writhes, he gets a view.

Verdict: Good for both parties.

8. Keeping A Balance

Type: Instinctive

This is basically standing sex. Stand in front of him and make it easy for him to enter, you may have to lean forward a bit. Then gently correct your posture – with him holding on to you – so that you’re upright again, and viola. He gets to play with all of your shall we say, sensitive places.

Verdict: Thoroughly enjoyable.

7. The Speed Breaker

Type: Orgasmic

You lie on your belly with a pillow or cushion under your stomach and pelvic area. He lies on top of you and things get a mix of hot, heavy, fast, and dirty.

Verdict: Not romantic, but don’t let that stop you.

6. Cowgirl

Type: Classic

Cowgirl is simple, he lies on his back and you get on him. What’s excellent each time is that you control everything and he gets a view. Have him lift up his knees so you can lean back for an angle.

Verdict: A wild ride.

5. Face To Face

Type: Intimate

A variation of the cowgirl, face to face is when you basically sit opposite each other, and then you get on his lap. Bonuses include face to face contact and intimacy.

Verdict: Romantic.

4. The Squatter

Type: Unknown

The squatter involves him lying on his back and you squatting – quite literally – on him, while your outstretched arms hold onto his. You won’t believe you didn’t try it earlier, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

Verdict: A must try

3. The CAT

Type: Reliable

CAT stands for Coital Alignment Technique, and is a variation of the missionary. Unlike missionary, the man’s chest is near her shoulders, so her body is farther up. Have her place a pillow underneath and then bend her thighs slightly (about 45 degrees) and tilt her hips up. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Verdict: Variable. Just works.

2. The Hot Seat/Reverse Cowgirl

Type: Playful

A simple variation of the cowgirl, the RC involves the girl facing the man’s feet instead of his face, giving her more stimulation while the view remains excellent for him. The hot seat involves the same set-up, but when he’s sat on a solid plane surface, like a table.

Verdict: Good fun.

1. Missionary

Type: Classic

If you were looking for a number 1 that would completely blow your mind, this probably isn’t it, but you can check number 1-13 for that. The fact is that missionary has been consistently preferred by women who said that they just love the closeness and intimacy of having their partner’s weight on them.

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