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Break Free

Break Free

I look at the side of the bed where it all started. it started at the club. We meet every Friday at the same time for their prime rib dinner special.

After dinner, we usually hang out and wait for the band and see what skirts come in.

Eight o`clock and the place was filling up and I contemplated leaving but figured I`d have one more for the road. The band was just starting their first set. They sounded good and I turned my bar stool one-eighty to face the dance floor. I turned to talk to the girl sitting next to me and the next thing I knew the lady was now standing between my legs with her back to me. I didn`t know her and up to now, I didn`t even know what she looked like. So I sat like a gentleman with my hands on the arms of the stool.

Then she took my hands in hers and placed them on her waist in front of her. She was moving with the beat of the band but never even looked back at or talked to me. All the time she had her hands on mine. She took my hands and placed them square on her tits. When she felt as though I knew what I was doing, she moved her hands to my knees. I did my best and played with them even with people looking at the open affection of… sex I guess. I ordered another beer and took advantage of being able to see the crowd instead of her back. After about fifteen minutes I kind of figured that I got played. At least I still had the feeling of her tits in the palm of my hands. She looked beautiful to me. Now I had my hands on my knees continuing to be a gentleman when she again took them and place them back on her tits. It only took a minute before I felt the pressure against the palm of each hand. She placed her hands back on my knees and left me on my own. I took advantage of the freedom to concentrate on her nipples.

I rolled her nipples around with the palm of my hand being the only contact. I could feel her breathing increase and she squeezed my knees hard when I pinched her nipples. Taking her reaction that she liked what I was doing, I continue to pinch her nipples constantly increasing and decreasing the pressure. She increased her pressure on my knees until I could feel her nails starting to take over. She leaned her head back and taking one of her hands put it behind my head to pull it to hers she said in my ear,

“If you have a place for us to go, just get up and leave. I`ll follow you to your place.”

I didn`t know what to make of this, but I figured I would play along. She moved away from me, I got up, paid my tab, and left the building. I pulled out of the parking lot and waited, but then thought I don`t know what the fuck I`m waiting for, so I drove home.

I pulled into the apartment parking lot and parked in my usual spot. I waited a minute or two, but no one pulled in so I got out of the car and figured I would just call it a night.

It was the first time I had a real look at her as

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