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DIY Unbleached Tea Bags

One of the great things about these DIY unbleached tea bags is that you can customize whatever type of loose tea you want. You can create your own concoctions or buy pre-mixed in bulk.

You don’t necessarily need a sewing machine to make this. However using one greatly reduces the time it takes per bag.

Why Not Just Buy a Tea Ball?

Hey, no one is stopping (or judging) you if you want to buy a tea ball instead — I won’t be offended. I really like this one HERE. If you are not really a crafty person, I could see where buying a tea ball would be way more efficient. HOWEVER… These tea bags are very simple to make, I promise. When I made these, it was my second time sewing. Plus, they are super-cute, make unique gifts and are waaaayyy easier and convenient to take with you on the go.

You don’t want to be that person with the big bag of loose tea and a tea ball… do you? Just kidding, I’d still like you if you were that person. But I’m serious about the easier, more convenient part! Plus, if you like different kinds of teas throughout the day, you can make a few with various mixtures to satisfy your tea cravings. With a tea ball, you are sorta stuck with what you’ve got.

Just make them, you won’t regret it.

How To Make Tea Bags

Tools Necessary:

  • unbleached coffee filters (where to buy unbleached coffee filters)

  • ruler

  • white thread

  • loose tea (for creamy pumpkin pie: use 2 parts red rooibos to 1 part each of cinnamon chips, dried orange peel, ginger root and cloves)

  • stapler

  • pencil or white fabric pencil

  • cardstock paper or thick construction paper

  • thin twine or some other kind of string

  • sewing machine or needle


  1. I found the best size for DIY tea bags are 2.5″ wide by 2″ tall. To make this cut, start on your first side (the right) and measure two inches down, make a mark.

  2. Next, measure the top side two and half inches out; draw a line. Mimick this and draw a line on the bottom side two and a half inches out. Close the rectangle by drawing a line, on the left side, two inches down. Cut out the rectangle with a good pair of scissors.

  3. At this point, you’ll have one really long piece with a crease in the middle; cut it. Now you are left with two identical 2.5″ x 2″ pieces of coffee filter

  4. Using your sewing machine (or needle and thread… make sure you thread your needle), sew three sides of the tea bag. The side that is left open should be the side measuring two inches across.

  5. Fill your tea bag with 2 tsp of your favorite loose tea

  6. Sew the remaining side closed; make sure to push all the tea to the side so you don’t sew over loose tea

  7. Trim off any excess threads

  8. If you are not adding any string to the tea bag: Leave as is! You have sewed the tea bag shut and do not need to take any further steps.

  9. If you ARE adding string to the tea bag:

Measure out how long you’d like your string to be. Fold top corners in. Place string in the middle of the two folded in corners, hold the string in place with one finger then with your other hand, fold top over; staple shut.

Personalize with whatever greeting you’d like. To attach the greeting to the string: Glue the end of the string to the back side of your greeting. Create a blank back side and glue it to the back of your greeting. Make sure the “pretty side” is facing out.

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