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Falling For Your Best Friend ?

Friendship is the most awesome boon bestowed upon mankind and if you are able to find one person with whom you can share everything that’s in your heart and accept each other the way you are, then you are one among the lucky people to existing on this earth. The gift gets even more awesome if you are able to be best friends with your opposite sex and call them your BFF. There are so many things that you can learn, understand, and be exposed to the familiarities of life with a friend who supports you in each step.

But one of the most difficult challenges to be best friends with the opposite sex is to maintain the friendship without complicating it. One of the most challenging difficulties a friendship like that can face is when you end up falling for your best friend. It is an exciting yet scary feeling both at the same time. The barrier of the past feelings, the need to preserve the bond and not tarnishing the chemistry by the outbursts of the newly developed feelings for the other is quite challenging, especially so, when it is a one-sided love.

Challenges Of Falling For Your Best Friend

If you are falling for your best friend or already in love with your best friend and yet to tell him/her about it, then it can be a very painful situation for you to love that person from a distance. The agony of being uncertain about the feelings of the other, the dilemma of emotions and the guilt of losing the beautiful friendship, trying to be more than friends can be heart wrenching and painful. Not everyone is capable of controlling one’s emotions and loving someone secretly has the potential to diminish one’s sanity too.

The Girl Dilemma – The most annoying part of falling for your best friend if you are girl is that you find it difficult to approach the topic too. The shyness and the concern regarding what he will think makes you nervous and takes away your courage to speak out your heart.

The Guy Dilemma – If you are a guy, then too the fear of rejection once you confess your feelings is too much to bear as it will not be any random person rejecting you before knowing you well, but your best friend, who is supposed to know you through and through.

In case you manage to spill out the secret somehow, but get rejected because the other person feels that you two can only be best friends, that can actually tear you apart and make it difficult for you to maintain the friendship at the same level and with the same depth and intensity. The prospects of seeing that person dating someone else, and then listening to all the details of it as you are supposed to do because you are the best friend can be a mind-numbing experience.

When The Feelings Are Mutual

If you share a great bond together, are understanding and accepting, can gauge the emotions of each other without saying it out loud and make a great team together, then you two already have all the ingredients needed to enjoy a happy life together. If the feelings are mutual, then falling for your best friend can be the best thing to happen to you.

Your best friend knows you through and through and the bond you share is beyond compare that makes it great for a partnership of life that is all about marriage. If you two have come to terms with each other’s flaws and vices and yet are totally inseparable, then your friendship can transform into a healthy and happy relationship and something as pure and permanent as marriage without things getting complicated. As they say, friendship is the start of any beautiful relationship and marriage is no exception.

How To Express Your Love To Your Bestie Without Complicating Things

Now that you are sure about your feelings towards your best friend and feel romantically inclined towards them, you can approach the situation in the ways mentioned below. Though it is always best to let your feelings out before it is too late, it is also important how you say it and should you say it, specially when it’s about falling for your best friend, so that you do not tend up ruining a beautiful friendship in a hurry.

1. Be absolutely sure about your feelings for your BFF before you jump into things. If it is just a crush or infatuation or you are jealous just because they are dating someone and you feel left out, give yourself some time to see things more clearly.

2. Find a reliable and trustworthy friend with whom you can share your feelings about your best friend. Talk to them openly and go through all the things that you feel or find changed in yourself, and if they also feel that you are in love too, then you can be one step surer about it too.

3. Never be in a rush to tell your feelings to your bestie as soon as you start feeling them. Maybe it is just the care and affection speaking. You do not want to spoil a good friendship with someone you are so close to just because you could not decide on your feelings well. Falling for your best friend is great, if it is what has happened.

4. Try to observe their mood and reactions and watch closely for any changes. As a best friend, you can be the best judge if there is a change in their behaviour towards you and of they are also interested in you romantically.

Once clear with the above-mentioned points, look for a good time, sit your friend down and talk. It can only go two ways. Either your friend will reciprocate your feelings or politely decline. There might be a shock and surprise element too. But you both know each other too well. Just don’t make things complicated though. Feelings are tough to handle but then you can’t afford to lose your friend, can you?

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