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Finally Had to Just Ask

Finally Had to Just Ask

“My current boyfriend and I flirted back and forth for a year in college, but kept just swearing we just wanted to be friends. One night I slept over at his house, and I made so many advancements that went right over his head. I told him I had a sex dream about him, and that it was really good. Then, when we went to bed, I came into his room to sleep in his bed. I was doing all of the typical ‘hey I want to have sex with you’ moves, like pushing my ass up against his dick, and everything! It came down to me literally having to tell him, ‘Hey, do you want to have sex with me right now?’ And the surprised look is still so funny!

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Skype sex is better than being alone. I spend hours in isolation doing my hair and makeup. There’s nothing better to do. Dig out strappy lingerie with the thigh-highs, committing to heels while I’m at


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