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Happy Places That Are Guaranteed To Turn Her On

They’re also the only sub-species who can simply not get turned on if they don’t want to. Don’t even get me started on fake orgasms. And what is with all that foreplay!

Right, well, obviously it’s not the easiest or most trust inspiring thing, bedding a woman. So what about all those serious husbands and boyfriends who want make that extra effort in bed with the women they trust, despite the obstacles to get to the big O?

Yes, I’m touched, for real, that you do want to try. So as long as your plan is to not jump her from behind, or pull a ‘rape face’, we’ve got the cheat codes right here.

1. Her Lips

Fairly obvious, I’d say, but just in case, the lips are an erogenous zone. You’ll need to learn a couple of kissing techniques to get it just right, so you don’t drool on her.

2. Her Tongue

I don’t know how you’re gonna work with this one, but the tongue is the most sensitive part on a human body.

3. Her Nose

Totally unexpected, but the human nose has about as many nerve endings as a nipple if not more. Gentle butterfly kisses will do the trick.

4. Her Earlobes

Earlobes are pretty sensitive. And the small section of skin below your ears too. They may get over stimulated if you suck on them. But, like, whatever you do, don’t stick your tongue into her ear. That’s not another hoohah, it’s a nostril on the side of her head, with goobers and all.

5. Her Hairline

Scientifically speaking, everybody’s scalp is hypersensitive, to any and all stimulation; that’s why we enjoy scalp massages, with hot oil and all that jazz, and get that weird feeling when you use the water hose on your head. But with girls, the long hair is kind of an issue, and it’s not like she’ll be happy if you stick your mouth into her hair. So the short-cut is her hairline. Just don’t use any tongue here, unless you want to spend the night on the couch.

6. Forearms And Inner Arms

The ulterior stretch of skin, all the way from her wrists to her under arms, including the inside of her elbow, is super sensitive to touch. And around one in 300 people are unfortunate enough to be capable of having orgasms from just forearm stimulation.

7. Her Neck

So this section, the front, sides and back of her neck, and the collar bone section, follow the same rules as her forearms; which is why a lot of girls (and Stephanie Meyers) have a thing for hickeys here.

8. Her Space Jammers

The human female mammalian glands are composed of nerve endings, so it’s like they’re fun bags for you, but tingly-ticklesome LSD bags for her. Steeples included.

9. Her Navel

If someone stuck their tongue into your navel, girl or guy, you’d feel it all the way inside you. The navel is an erogenous zone for both sexes, with some reporting actual spinal sensations along with the usually pelvic responses.

10. The Skin From Her Navel To Her Vajayjay

A girls lower abs are sensitive, because of all the stuff underneath. There are a lot of nerves moving out from those organs that end at her lower abdomen or meet up there. In fact, the section right below her navel all the way down houses your favourite part, so the nerve endings are a given.

11. Fingers

Incidentally, fingertips come in second place, in the ‘most sensitive body parts’ category. But the sides of your fingers are ticklish too. And you know what sexologists and porn stars say about fingers, right?

12. Palms

Fibrous patches of skin form the palms and posterior sections of the inner fingers. The skin here, similar to the skin on the soles or your feet, is made to help humans feel in the dark, so yeah, sensitivity is no problem. It’s how she can feel your stubble is so ‘pokey’.

13. Her Toes

Yikes, yes, toes.


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