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He Thought She Was Being Nice

He Thought She Was Being Nice

“I have the worst luck about this. We were hanging out and I reached out to hold his hand and he looked me square in the eye and asked me if I had seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones as pulled his hand back . . . I thought he was rejecting me. The friends who had set us up texted me a bit later to ask how it went and I said ‘poorly’. I later apologized for being so forward and that I hope he’d still want to be friends despite the awkwardness and he asked me absolutely astounded,’. . . Is that what that was?’

‘Why else did you think I was holding your hand?’

‘I thought you were being nice.’

Another time, I was on a guy’s bed and he ignored me to play a game on Facebook. He also had no idea what was going on. Or there was the time a guy said he’d love to take me to dinner and I said that sounded like fun and he blushed and walked away and did not come back. Everyone in all of these stories was over 20.

Why does this keep happening to me?”

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