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Here some more of my Dating Ideas

Outside of the typical hiking, cooking in and having a Netflix marathon there are other options for dates when money is tight. Or perhaps money is not an issue, you and your date are just looking for something new. Indulge below!

1) The balcony/patio/backyard picnic: The key here is extras. You need to make sure to get a bottle of wine, a small candle, cuttable cheese (no slices and a block of Velveeta does not count), maybe some pickles and a blanket or tablecloth. Extra points for fancy chocolate, Prosciutto and fruit.

Tips for success: Get a bottle of wine.

2) Concert or Museum: You would be surprised at how many local galleries there are with free admission. A lot of the bigger museums also offer free days which you can check out. If doing a search for local free concerts doesn’t return anything check your city/town website, a lot of them post the local events. Or you can go to Ocean park but you have to pay as well in Enchanted Kingdom.

3) Visit a local haunted spot: Maybe this sounds a little too much like high school to you, but studies say fear and danger can bring you closer together. Check out this website for local haunts. Be sure to take numerous photos and spend afterward contemplating if that was dust or light orbs in the pictures. Tips: bring flashlights, take pictures and record the sounds. Don’t forget the snacks, something large and crunchy always does the trick.

4) Complimentary Wine/Beer Tastings: Best local winery tastings at Ilocos norte, Adams or somewhere in greenbelt occasionally they do the wine/beer tasting for free.

5) Play Old School Video Games Online: Get out the Chex Mix and some brewskies and have an age old battle of skill with your date. Im so fanatic of video games, I almost tried all kinds of game im not saying im geeky gamer or something i just love games ! Bonus points for having a song playlist in the background while you play. Searches online can get you your favorite games right there in the browser.


Ms Yuna


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