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Him and Me ( Erotic Story )

Jim come up behind me. Wrapped his arms around me tightly, breathing on my neck & ear. Slowly going in to kiss my neck. His arms holding me down while his hands start playing with my boobs. Full cup squeeze to start. Then tracing circles around my nipples. Jim then switch from kissing my neck to nibbling on my ear.

He starts gently squeezing my nipples. Slowly harder till He get the gasp signal from me. Then he lets off a bit. Next Jim starts rolling as he pinch’s.

Jim turns me around fast, pull my shirt part way up, holding my arms in the shirt. He kisses his way from my lips to my boobs. Goes right for the nipples sucking hard, flicking with his tongue. He push a leg between my his knee just below my pussy, so his thigh is pressing against my clit. He lets my arms go, holding my head as me kiss. I are humping his leg when the first orgasm hits.

When it is over the frantic stripping of each other begins . I are both naked now. He bends me over the end of the couch. Coming up behind me he starts rubbing his hard cock up & down my pussy lips to get it wet.

Jim sticks the big mushroom shaped head in, then grab my hips. Slowly pushing in till me gasp. He stops, is he teasing me? then suddenly he slam all the way in & holds again. Slowly & methodical but powerful thrusts in & out are next. Pulling out till just the tip of his thick cock in inside of me, then all the way back in.

The angle makes it so his cock is rubbing my G spot as He go in & out. Slowly picking up speed. Till his balls are slapping so hard on the couch it hurts. He hears the change in my breathing & moaning, he keep hamming me till me explode.

He stays buried deep in my pussy as It contacts tightly around his cock till my orgasm subsides.

Then Jim pulls out fast and me make a loud pop together. Now He walks around in front of me. Lifts me up & sit down under my head & shoulders. I are still recovering so my face just rest in his lap, while he starts rubbing my ass.

Gently rubbing and massaging as much of my butt cheeks as He can reach. As me regain my breathing and strength me start playing with his sifting dick it eventually ends up in my mouth. When me have him hard again me both wiggle and squirm on the couch to get into the 69 with me on top.

I are trying to suck as much of his dick as possible. Jim is still working on my ass. He wets a finger from my pussy and slowly starts working into that super sensitive puckered little asshole. As my muscles relax his finger slowly starts to slip inside of me it won't go in very far because it have ran out of lubricant so He lubes up a whole finger from the other hand. After wiggling and gently massaging the wet one slides all the way in. He slowly finger fucks my asshole, sending very different pleasure sensations to my brain.

I raise my head and his cock falls out of my mouth. I ask if me can ride him now. Of course He says yes. Jim slowly removes the finger from my ass. I can jump on board. I're riding him cowgirl, me are grinding my clit against his pelvis.

I keep adjusting myself on top of him till me get the angle just right so I can hit all the right spots inside & outside of me.

As my second big orgasm is building he can feel his coming also.

Ir pussy is contracting on his cock. Milking him dry. As he grunts, his cock is throbbing as it shoots his hot baby batter deep inside of me.

I collapse on top of him and me hold each other and rest as my combined juices slowly exit me and run on to him & the couch. I are resting thinking about round two…


Ms Yuna


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