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How to be sexy? We're Not All Supermodels

So, here’s the thing. If you’re 25 kilos overweight then it’s going to be pretty hard to look anywhere near even the most liberal definitions of “good.” But if you’re worried about your acne, trying to mask a few features you don’t think are adequate or even if you’re carrying a few (a few!) extra pounds, we’ve got a few tips for you.

1. Be Confident

Please. Don’t pass this off as a cop out on our part, but if you’re not comfortable with yourself, the other person is never going to think you’re attractive. The fact is, confidence is the single most attractive thing across both genders, even if men are more visual than women. Rock your body with confidence, and change the things you can that you think will make it better.

2. Lighting

Lights are a huge part of setting the mood in the bedroom (and anywhere else, to be precise), and the right lighting can be very flattering for your body. Avoid harsher lights like any sort of fluorescent lighting, instead opting for softer light like lamps, dim bulbs, etc.

3. Sort Out The Appendages

If you feeling a bit down with the way you’re looking, getting a manicure or a pedicure can really help you look tip­top again. Your hands and feet are among your best features, and keeping them clean, smooth and soft makes for a much more desirable you – men and women both.

4. Get A Trim

Down there. Whether you go for exotic sculpturing or a simple 5 minutes with the scissors, just make sure to keep yourself neat and tidy down there. It really makes a big difference.

5. Keep The Temperature Right

Having it too hot can result in a sweaty and messy you, while keeping the bedroom too cold can lead to outbursts of shivering on your smooth skin – the kind which should be reserved for the intimate act itself.

6. Throw In A Quick Workout

No amount of dead­weight lifting or aerobic cardio is going to make a lasting change in your body before you get into bed, but quick and sharp sessions of activity will get the blood flowing in your muscles giving them a leaner look.

7. Get Plenty Of Water

Hydrated skin is happy, glowing, healthy skin, and considering skin is about 92 per cent of what is visible when you’re naked, it’s a pretty good idea to have it looking as radiant and healthy as you possibly can. Cigarettes and crappy food are a no­no, but if you’re too far in, get plenty of water, at the very least.

8. Moisturise

All of the above plus the fact that exfoliating and moisturising are a good idea even if you’re getting plenty of water. Get rid of undesirables like dry and flaky skin and make yourself irresistible to the touch.

9. Market Yourself Well

If you wear good looking clothes that fit you well, people are going to notice and give you second glances as you pass them by,. This in turn is going to do wonders for your confidence, which will show when you take off your clothes in bed. It’s that simple.

10. Eat The Right Diet

Try and get some of the better foods into your stomach on a daily basis. Substitute a scoop of ice cream for an orange, even if you ate a double cheeseburger before it. Eat some greens, veggies and plenty of fruit and milk. The results will show.

11. Get Some Sleep

Don’t stay up too late or work odd hours. If you work odd hours, you want to keep as strict a schedule as possible to ensure you get enough sleep, and try and get yourself off that shift. Rest well, but not too much, and don’t sweat the small stuff in life. You’ll look much better for it, just look at Obama for a corollary.

12. Three Smalls

At best. Too much alcohol will take it’s toll on the liver, but your skin isn’t the only thing that’s going to suffer (though it should be enough of a reason to dial it down). Your liver clears a lot of toxins from your body (including alcohol itself), so unless you’re leading the perfect lifestyle in a non polluted city with a good diet, dial down the booze.


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