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How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You More - 8 Easy Ways

It has been some time now and you have been vying for that undivided attention from your busy beau. While you know the guy loves you, you still seek more from the relationship in terms of love and intimacy. Sometimes it gets so complex to get his attention that you just feel hopeless to the point of no return. When it comes to how to make your boyfriend love you more, things may look a wee bit bleak. But despite all the challenges and intricacies of loving a guy, there are always some hacks that work and you could try them whenever you feel that love is losing its sheen. So here are nine simple ways/hacks on how to make your boyfriend love you more n’ more.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You More

1. Spend Quality Time Together

In most cases, couples are so busy nowadays that they never get ample time to even sit and talk. So, since you’re wondering how to make your boyfriend love you more, an easy way is to always make a little time to connect. Plan a date one weekend where you just spend time with him to just listen to what he has to say. Listen patiently and then speak your heart out. If you are in a live-in relationship then dedicate some time every week to just cuddle on the sofa and watch your favourite TV shows. This simple initiative will surely leave a deep positive impression on his mind drawing him close to you.

2. Show Sincere Appreciation

There are often small things which he might do for you that seem trivial but can mean a lot. Did he just get you have a larger cup of coffee, than the size you asked for, at a restaurant? Thank him. He gave you his raincoat on a cloudy day? Thank him with a hug. You will soon understand from his expressions that your gestures mean a lot to him. This will make him love you back more and also help develop a deeper sense of admiration towards you.

3. Let Him Have Time For Himself

Even if he is your boyfriend, he might still have friends with whom he would like to spend some time independently. Every individual has a social circle and one would love spending healthy amounts of time with them. Let him have his time with his friends as well. This will help him appreciate you better for your open-minded approach, which will help you sign off on your much sought goal of how to make your boyfriend love you more.

4. Hang Out With His Friends

If he offers you a place among his friends then just make a grab for it. It is not because you will get to spend more time with him that way but also you get to know the kind of people he usually hangs out with, his likes, dislikes, interests etc. Entering his social circle will elevate your status to that of a higher importance in his life. He will grow more fond of you and you will be more than just a girlfriend.

5. Don’t Be Overly Critical

How to make your boyfriend love you more? Don’t pick on him. He might have habits, which you might dislike but until or unless they are disgusting or harmful, avoid castigating them to the point that you just leave him frustrated. There might be days when he might forget a really important task you had assigned to him. Instead of ripping him apart the next time you meet him, politely communicate the fact and understand what made him miss it out. Patience and understanding are the cornerstone of every relationship and you will soon realise that your showcase of composure has made him love you more than he did yesterday.

6. Don’t Be Overly Jealous

Dating a guy does not mean you invariably become the centre of his universe. He might still have some other women in his life who happen to be just his friends and colleagues. If he happens to mention about another woman or you spot him with another lady, don’t just jump into the pool of jealousy and suspicion. Instead, make an effort to understand who the other woman was. Acting irritable can sour your relationship. Instead, be rational and you will realise that he has sort of become a fan of your awe-inspiring maturity.

7. Stay Pretty But Be Yourself

Knowing how to make your boyfriend love you more is knowing how to look great everyday; true story. Guys have an innate tendency to show-off their lady-love. So dress up well and look your best whenever you go out with him. While he might have his own requests and fancies, make sure you oblige with discretion, within your own personal limits of course. You are what you are, and would love to bring some changes for the guy you love, but no so much that you start feeling like a different person. If you feel his objective is to transform you into something else then decline him politely. If he really loves you, trust us, he will draw back to you soon.

8. Show That You Care

Make subtle yet unmistakable gestures of care and concern frequently. There might be times when he would be feeling conspicuously low. Cheer him up by starting some naughty banter. Hold his hand and assure him that for you he will always be the best and you will always stand by his side no matter what the situation. Try that and you have just sealed a long-lasting relationship with that guy.


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