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How To Say I Love You – 25 Unique Ways Minus The Word 'Love'

You can talk for hours when it comes to random things in life but it sometimes becomes impossible to use those same words to express love and affection. Agree or disagree? Saying ‘I love you’ is weirder and way more awkward than asking a stranger for a loan. How would you then express your love without actually using the word ‘love’? How to say I love you? How!!? While you may have your favourite ‘phrases’, we thought we’ll share some of ours. Take a look.

Here’s How To Say I love You Without Feeling Like You Need To Hide Or Run..

1. I adore you.

Doesn’t she get that twinkle in her eyes the moment you tell her that she’s adorable? ‘Adore’ is a word that goes perfectly well with the emotion and expression of love, in case you were wondering how to say I love you in a nicer way.

2. I am infatuated with you.

The minute you say ‘infatuation’ people think of something that’s not serious or something that’s short-lived. At times, it has a negative connotation to it. If your feelings are well understood then it can actually turn the tables into something that’s very romantic. Or how to say I love you in a creepier way? Replace the ‘infatuated’ with something else. (Wink, wink!)

3. I appreciate you.

We often fail to appreciate people in our lives for the things they do for us. This sets in a feeling of being taken for granted which can be avoided if we tell people that we appreciate them and their importance in our lives.

4. I can’t live without you.

You must have read the phrase ‘We were born alone and we die alone.’ But the part that is in-between, known as life, cannot be spent alone. There is always a need for that special someone to help us get through life when it holds us down.

5. I can’t stop thinking about you when we’re apart.

There is always some insecurity when a couple has to stay apart due to other commitments. Telling each other that you’re always thinking about each other not only eases the insecurity but also deepens your love. But since you’re wondering how to say I love you without making it monotonous.

6. I cherish you.

We cherish things that mean the world to us and help us stay afloat when difficult times get to us, like our memories. Just like memories, we hold our loved ones very close to us.

7. I dream of you.

Dreams are probably the most intimate part of a person’s life. They are a part where no one else is allowed and only you know what you see and experience. So if you tell them that you dream of them and let them in your personal space, it is definitely better way if you’re really wondering how to say I love you without saying it.

8. I live for our love.

If your love for each other is the reason why you breathe then there isn’t any other better way to express your love, is there?

9. I love being around you.

With time, we often get bored of being around the same person all the time and that is what leads to the downfall of most relationships. But if you still love being around each other then no words are needed to express your love. Just kidding, you need to know how to say I love you, the right way.

10. I need you by my side.

Where there is love, there is always need for their presence in your life.

11. I respect you.

Respect is the basis of all relationships. No relationship and love can survive without mutual respect.

12. I value you.

All people want to hear is what value they hold in your life. It feels good to know that you aren’t taken for granted.

13. I want a lifetime with you.

How to say I love you, without being to mushy, but just as deep! A life of love and a lifetime of togetherness. Do you need to say anything else to express your love?

14. I want you.

Sometimes being blunt and straight-forward is way better than looking for rosy poetic ways to put your emotions across.

15. I worship you.

Of course not in a Godly way, but we must always worship one another for the qualities that we have (the good ones). Irish artist Hozier sure knows how to say I love you like a pro.

16. I yearn for you.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear something like this? ‘Yearn’ makes it all sound so much more romantic. As as how to say I love you goes, this looks so much better on text.

17. I’m a better person because of you.

Knowing how to say I love you the right way matters. It is the positive effects that your lover has on you which makes you realize how your life has changed for the better.

18. I’m blessed to have you in my life.

Tell them this and they’ll be yours forever.

19. I’m devoted to you.

All we ever need from a relationship is some devotion and loyalty.

20. I’m fond of you.

Just like ‘adore’ the word ‘fond’ too has a very unique and special touch to it. It gives a much better feeling than just being told that you’re loved.

21. I’m lost without you.

To know that you’re someone’s life guard is probably the best feeling in the world. You keep them afloat and you keep them on track and steer them towards the good things in life.

22. I’m incomplete without you.

Tell them they complete you. A relationship means being compatible and complementing each other.

23. I’m passionate about you.

Passion is what keeps a bond strong. The fact that you are passionate about them says a lot about your love and the strength of it.

24. I’m thankful for you.

Gratefulness and gratitude to have someone in our life is not something experienced for everyone right? As it’s the sweetest answer to how to say I love you.

25. I’m yours.

Sweet and simple. How to say I love you, without saying it, and with no further explanation needed.


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