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How To Turn Your Favorite Photo Into A Watercolor Canvas

How To Make Your Own Watercolor Canvas

Since my art skills are indistinguishable from my preschooler’s and commissioning a painting was not in my budget, there’s a spot above my dresser that’s been empty for, um, awhile now.

Recently, though, I discovered Waterlogue – a $4 app that converts photos to watercolor-inspired masterpieces. Although I love original paintings, I also love that Waterlogue allows me to choose the style I want and see the finished product before I invest in printing it on canvas.

Step 1: Download Waterlogue

It works on Apples and Windows-based phones and tablets. Get it here.

Step 2: Filter your photos using Waterlogue

Tap the different filters on the bottom of the screen to select them, then tap the preview image that pops up if you want to view the image in full-screen mode.

Step 3: Upload your image to a canvas print shop

I used Canvas HQ because a photographer friend had a discount code available. I reached out them and they created a coupon code for you to use as well.

Canvas Butterfly Footprint Art – This butterfly footprint art doesn’t require sewing skills, decoupage, or, um, talent. Make some for your home and a few to give away to the grandparents!

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