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Is it A Good Idea To Take A Break From Your Relationship?

Any couple needs to put in all the time and effort possible to make a relationship work. Over time, a union may seem to start dragging you down instead of making this world a better place. Fights, arguments, situations, difference in opinions… when you think about it, anything could cause a relationship to become unsteady. So what exactly does one do? Give up?

Of course not. You don’t just give up on a relationship! Relationships need work and any and every difference can be worked out as long as both partners are willing to give it sincere effort and not hold back. Spicing up a stale relationship or reigniting the fire are needed in every relationship from time to time.

The Option Of Taking A Break In A Relationship

What exactly does taking a break in a relationship mean? Does it mean you break up and move on and see if life brings you back? That certainly is an option, but perhaps not the most possible way to approach your relationship.

The preferred notion of ‘taking a break’ in your relationship can be understood as thus: Putting some space between you and your partner (literally and figuratively) to clear out your head. You don’t break up; you simply take a break. Think of it this way: When you are tired of your work you take a break by going on a holiday; you don’t just quit!

So is it a good idea to take a break from your relationship? While it’s a debate that has been going on forever, we’re going to side with the ‘yes!’ Here are 5 reasons why taking a break could do a whole lot of good for your relationship:

1. Detachment

Being in the relationship with all the problems surrounding you will not let you look at it from a logical and detached perspective. Taking a break helps you clear your mind and you are able to look deeper. It helps you be more logical and think of ways to work things out.

2. A Sense Of Calm

A strained relationship can cause immense stress and exhaustion. Take a break to bring in the peace and the calm. It’s important to release stress before taking things any further, and even before making any analysis.

3. Fresh Perspective

If you are in a relationship that seems to be going downhill your mind will be fogged by negative emotions. Taking a break will help you assess and analyze the real problem and look for solutions that will actually work, instead of focusing on the negativity.

4. Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder!

Sometimes all you need to do is create some physical space and distance before the both of you realize the value of the relationship. Being together 24/7 makes us forget the real reason we are together in the first place, and can lead to a couple taking each other for granted. Take a break in a relationship and distance yourself and your hearts will pull closer!

5. A Chance For Inner Reflection

Taking a break from a relationship also gives you the time and mental capacity to connect with yourself. Use this time to understand your own needs and desires. Indulge in self love and allow your thoughts to really settle down. Talk to yourself!

Thus, taking a break could really help you assess your relationship at a level that might not be possible when you’re right in the thick of it! Sometimes taking a break from your relationship can give you the perspective or the answer you’ve been looking for.

A Sad But Necessary Realization

Certain couples also decide to go their separate ways after taking a break because they realize that the relationship is not going any further. Futile attempts at making a relationship work will only add to the stress and exhaustion. So taking a break can help you realize the futility of a relationship, if that’s how the nature of the relationship truly is.

Sometimes, being with someone means that we attempt to keep a hold of the relationship even though it might not be in our best interests to do so. The realization that a relationship isn’t meant to be is a sad but altogether necessary one. And there’s no point trying to drag it out! Again, unless you get some perspective on your relationship, it can be hard to know its real essence.

Taking A Break: The Essentials To Cover

If you are planning on taking a break, here are some things you may want to discuss with your partner before doing so:

1. Basic Communication

Discuss and limit your communication to the bare minimum. Don’t suddenly cut off and run away; explain why this break is necessary.

2. Loyalty

Like I said earlier taking a break is not the same as breaking up so you need to be honest to your relationship and cheating and being disloyal will not help your relationship in any way. Yes, you need to discuss this too whether you need a break in a relationship.

3. Food for Thought

You need to discuss what parameters need to be thought over. If the stress in the relationship is because of a specific issue, both of you need to think about it and if it’s a general feeling of incompatibility/stress, you both need to think deeper as to what the real issue is!

4. All for Love

It is important to make your partner understand that the only reason you need to take a break is so you can make this relationship work. Explain how staying together is making things worse and a break could very well see you end up stronger!

While there are a number of people who have mended their relationship and made it even better by taking a break; it is important to remember that every relationship is unique and that what works for one couple may not necessarily work for another!

In the end however, if being together is painful and stressful, then a good hard look and a bit of perspective does help, and really, one surefire way to achieve that is through taking a break in a relationship. Good luck.

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