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Is True Love Exist? 6 Facts and Answer “Yes!”

When it comes to answering the question, "Does true love exist?", it's important to remember that what constitutes "True love" differs from person to person and time to time.

What's more than that, true love can also be defined by our past experiences, such that if we had a romantic experience in the past and did not like one aspect of it, we want our "True love" to possess certain traits or act in certain ways that are different to that aspect we did not like, but those very traits may be seen as undesirable by others!

However, leaving the arbitrary nature of the question aside, does true love exist? We think the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Let’s take a look at some of the evidence now:

1. Your Grandparents

Does true love exist, ~pshaw!? Remember that being married to someone for 50+ years is an act of true love, no matter which way you look at it. It does not matter whether the marriage was arranged from when they were little, or arranged at the last moment, or whether it was a love marriage. Why is that? Because spending your time in the company of another person for so long is only something that you can do when you see that they are the perfect person for you.

Try living together with your best friend (and now picture that for life) and you will see just how hard it is to stay in constant touch with anyone.

2. Unconditional Love

Does true love exist? Well, the unconditional true love type of love is not a fantasy when it comes to the realm of romantic relationships. Sure it remains elusive and every now and then we see a couple and think that they are perfect for each other, or hear stories of heroic acts that defied the odds to be with their lovers. But those are not the indicators of true love even if it may seem that way. True love is measured by the levels of unconditional love that are present in the relationship, and unconditional love can only come about where there is no ego and trust is at its maximum – two conditions that heighten the amount of love but make a person highly vulnerable to getting hurt. Thus, any time you see a selfless act of unconditional love, remember the only way anyone will act that way is if they believe they have found “the one and only” in their lives.

3. It Takes Work

This probably doesn’t make sense in a discussion begetting the question ‘does true love exist?’, but bear with us for a second. True love isn’t magically easy just because it’s true. In fact it’s some of the hardest love there is out there which is what makes it “true.” Overcoming in the face of obstacles and hardship is one of the biggest examples of true love that you can see in your everyday life. And it is a common story the whole world over even in what seems like perpetual dark times of war, drought and poverty.

4. True Love Can Be Non Romantic As Well

Just look at the connection that a mother and her child have. Perhaps there is no stronger bond out there at all, and this is just as true of the blue whale (a mammal, remember) as it is of the human being. Whatever parameters and criteria one can set for true love in the romantic sphere can be met by the non-romantic true love as well.

5. It Is The Highest Goal

In society, one of the highest goals that you can reach is the attainment of true love. And even if there were no evidence of it existing (although we have just presented some above), the fact that we ask question ‘does true love exist?’, means that it exists in our head as a concept. It is something that we strive for everyday, something that influences our actions, informs our literature and music and daily conversation, and that makes it as real as anything else.

6. Science Says So

Does true love exist, at least from a technical viewpoint? Yeah, science has finally proven that certain groups of people, dubbed “swans” have the ability to keep falling in love with each other as time goes on, as well as falling deeper in love with each other everyday. They react the same way upon seeing a picture of their love 20 years into the relationship as they did 1 year into it.


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