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“Don’t let me have sex with you, Carter. I don’t think our little hearts could handle it.”

She giggled nervously and bit her lip.

“Aaaand that’s my cue to leave. Thought I could handle myself better after ten years.”

He knew not to argue with her. Instead, he stood up from his barstool and followed her out.

“I’ll call you a cab.”

They walked outside into a torrential downpour. They stood apart from each other at an awkward distance; cartoonishly positioned on opposite sides of the awning, drawn to each other, but kept apart by misplaced anger and half-healed scars.

A passing truck sent a tidal wave of gutter rain and soggy leaves over to them. Carter yanked her back to the brick wall in the alley, only partially sparing them. She looked at her soaked dress and began to laugh.

“Coat would’ve helped you out, huh?”

“Oh shut up, prairie boy,”

she said.

“Be a gentleman and give me your jacket! You’re the same smart ass, twenty year old you’ve always been.” She tugged at his soaked buffalo jacket.

“And you still drive me crazy,”

he said. His calloused palm smoothed away a mess of dampened mane from her tiny forehead. She inhaled silently and held it. Her trembling fingers inched up to his broad chest. He moved his arm around her waist, and they stood there, staring at each other with deep-seeded longing for just a little too long. A taxi shone its light through the rain to break the embrace they both knew would only lead to heartache. She gave him a chaste pat on the chest and opened the car door.

“Perhaps I should see that you get to your hotel safely,”

he said with feigned confidence.

“We both know that’s a bad idea. Goodnight, Carter.”


Back in her hotel room, she tightened the faucet handle and slipped her feet into the bubbly tub. Thoughts of him careened through her racing mind. They all flooded in at once; regrets of leaving him then, regrets of leaving him now, desires to call him, cravings for what she never experienced. She attempted to suppress her thoughts with a hard sip of the champagne, compliments of the suite, and pressed her hand between her thighs, a consolation for all she wanted but would never have.

A heavy, hesitant palm knocked on the door.


said the voice in the hall. She stepped out of the tub, wrapped a towel around her and opened the door.

“Carter. What–”

“Just wanted to make sure you got here safely.”

“You didn’t think a phone call would do?”


Carter pulled her tiny body to his chest and pressed his lips to hers. She sunk right into his embrace and encouraged his tongue into her mouth. He carried her to the window, their lips remained locked, magnetically bound by their aggressive passion. She squeezed her legs tighter around him and her dewy skin met the chilly window pane. Her towel fell down around where he was holding her around the waist.

“Let’s hold on here for a second,” he said, pulling back to take a look at her bare flesh.

“What?” she panted.

“This. You. You’re…stunning.”

She smiled and held his lower lip gently with her teeth.

“You’re not done,”

she said.

“No ma’am. Just getting started.”

He pulled her down on top of him on the bed. Without unlocking their lips, she feverishly unbuttoned his jeans. He slid them far enough down his thighs so that she could feel him, cinderblock hard and throbbing underneath her. He yanked away the towel concealing the rest of her. His hunger grew with every breath of anticipation. His fingers gripped her flesh tighter, his thirsty eyes drank in every bit of her and took sharp pauses to admire her silky breasts, tattooed hips, freckled stomach… his dick was throbbing so hard he was afraid he would explode before he ever got the chance he’d been craving for over the last decade.

“How do you like it?”

He panted.

“How do you want it? Handcuffs? blindfold? I never got to know what you’re into.”

He sank his lips into the tiger tattoo on her glistening thigh.

“I’ll do whatever you want,”

he said frantically.

“Anything. Just tell me and I’ll do it.”

She leaned forward onto his chest, the creamy flesh of her breasts sticking to his chest. She nibbled on the side of his ear and whispered with hot breath.

“Do what you’ve had ten years to think about doing.”

She pressed her pelvis against his dick in two sensual torturous grinds against him.

“And don’t even try to pretend you haven’t thought about it.”

“Only about every other day,”

he said, flipping her under him in one smooth transition and placed his finger on a sparkling piece of jewelry he had caught eye of while she was on top of him.

“This looks fun,”

he said, gently teasing her clit piercing.

“Let me see what I can do with it.”

He spread her legs apart in one aggressive push and slowly lowered his face onto her clit. He breathed slowly above it while he inserted a finger inside her. She gasped.

He smiled, only lifting his eyes to meet hers.

“You’re a wet little thing, aren’t you?”

Before she could respond he pressed his tongue down, hard, on her clit, touring her piercing all around his mouth with his tongue. His finger pulsated and curled inside her with the rhythm of his varied licks. She was so excited she couldn’t even moan, just sharp inhales and exhales as she frantically grabbed at his hair. She could feel him smile and his grip tighten around her thigh with almost a painful squeeze. He switched with his other hand; sliding his finger out, dripping her wetness all over the sheets and placing it on her piercing, tilting it up and down while he dove his tongue inside her. She wanted to come, he was going to make her come, just the reality of him being in between her legs was enough to make her come, better than she could have ever fantasized, but she didn’t let herself, not yet. It was self inflicted torture she could not explain, but she had waited this long that she couldn’t know the ending just yet. She slid her quaking fingers down her body and grabbed his glistening chin with her thumb and forefinger.

“Come here,” she said. His green, translucent eyes looked at her in a dazed and dreamy confusion.


She pulled him up to her by his chin, him following obediently.


He nodded frantically and released his erection from the suffocating fabric. Her eyes grew round in a sense of panic and nervous delight. His penis was so deliciously thick and long, she could almost see him throb from five feet away. She had wanted this for so long, always curious, always fantasizing. Now she was slightly terrified, but in the most erotic of ways. She exhaled.

“You’re not going to fit.”

He pressed his lips to hers, soaking her face with her wetness made just for him. He held her gaze as he said with conviction in his eyes,

“We’ll have to fix that.”

He patiently slid himself inside her, an inch or so, then stopping, and going right back at it with eager tenderness. She held her breath as she accepted his swollen, cinderblock cock inside her.

Both their bodies tensed into a paralyzed state as he was all the way inside her, both exchanging an involuntary moan.

“God, your pussy is so tight.”

It hurt at first, but it was the most luxurious pain. When he pulled his hips back to slow his rhythm, she bit his lip while ordering,


“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You’ve had reason to be angry with me for a long time, haven’t you?”

“Only because I lov—“

She pressed her trembling finger to his open lips.

“Take that out on me now.”

He put all of his weight into his thrusts, wrapping his arms underneath her knees so they were clamped against his sides. Sweat was pouring from his body now as he gave her every bit of him, just how she wanted him. She sank her black nails into the tensed muscles on his back.

More than twice her weight he appreciated her delicateness, but there was something so primal about making her his little woman. The louder she screamed his name, the louder he pumped in and out of her. He let go of her legs and held her arms above her head with one hand, the other tugged her hair to the side and sucked on her neck.

He filled her up so tightly that every time he pumped in and out was like readjusting to him all over again. The sound of her wetness on his penis made her grip his flesh harder to the point of blood. Everything was so visceral; the sound of him mumbling her name muffled under intense panting, the droplets of sweat falling from his eyelashes onto her collarbone. the smell of him, just as he had smelled when she left, the silky stickiness of their bodies stuck together. She liked feeling trapped underneath him, all two hundred and twenty pounds of him. Her body was in his hands and it was up to him alone to take care of her.

Then it happened. No warning. Just happened – what an orgasm is supposed to feel like. Her legs constricted so tightly around him that for a moment he felt his breathing constrict. She uttered his name in one unbridled, harrowing scream.

He stopped inside her for a moment with a smirk of satisfaction. He asked her if she was okay. The only sounds she could force from her mouth were pants of pure ecstasy. She nodded with her eyes rolling in and out of her head. He caressed her breasts hungrily and pulled her up to seated in his flooded lap, his erection even firmer. She took control of her breath and started to move her hips, but he stopped her.

“No, no,”

he said.

“I just want to get more of this beautiful view.”

He firmed his hands around her thighs.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s work to be done.”

He held her there, thrusting himself in and out below her with ferocious energy. He let go of one hand to play with her piercing.

“Come for me again?”

“Make me.”

He held her down on his pelvis until he was as deep inside her as he go. She gasped and grabbed at his chest, slipping away from the slick of hard-earned sweat. He rocked her back and forth, torturously moving himself in and out, slowly, an inch or less each time. Even though she was so swollen she could feel his throbbing grow stronger and that made her even wetter. She closed her eyes to lose herself in the present, the aggressive tickle in her stomach that reignited the erotic shock each time he held himself as far as he could go.

Then it happened again. A rush of blood and chemicals imploded within her. It was his turn now. He traded places with her, grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and her side with the other, his thrusts getting stronger.

“Where do you want it?”

“Come inside me.”

He grinned and immediately froze. His fingers gripped her tighter as he gave her one final, animalistic thrust, and roared out the sexiest exhale, going cross-eyed, overtaken by elated pants.

“Tell me you’ll stay another night,”

he pleaded with exhaustion before collapsing on her heaving chest.

She held a kiss to his forehead.

“At least.”


Ms Yuna


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