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Love Letters For Her – To Do And Not To

When you look at her, you can’t see anyone else. There’s a smile on your face each time you think of her. There’s a twitch in your stomach when you can’t see her. When you are together, you do everything to keep your hands off her but all of a sudden, your fingers touch and before you know it, you both are holding hands. Magic! That’s what it is. And the feeling is truly magical. It’s a feeling that makes you feel ‘oh so wonderful’ and you can’t have enough of it. The law of diminishing marginal utility just doesn’t apply. Honestly, no laws apply.

Scenario 1

You hate Elton John, but all of a sudden, you’re singing, ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’. You know by now that you are definitely in love. Well, congratulations once again! It’s a huge thing, being in love. Now, you have to tell her. Problem is you have never even spoken to her. How do you do that? Wow! Difficult right?

Well, what about a series of love letters for her? Or just the one love letter for her? Yeah, yeah, we have email, Facebook and WhatsApp now. But how about going old-school with a love letter? What better way to express your feelings?

Scenario 2

Or here’s another take on it. Now, you are already in a relationship and you want to impress your girl. You have already made up your mind that you want to write a love letter for her. Seems old fashioned but why not? Pen your thoughts down. Give it to her with a bunch of flowers, she’ll love the gesture.

Be it scenario 1 or scenario 2, if you ever decide to write a love letter for her, make sure you read these pointers before even touching the pen. So, without further ado, we present our take on what to do and what not to do when it comes to love letters for her, the pretty lady you’re crushing on.

1. Pen And Paper

Don’t type an e-mail. Use a nice pen and put your thoughts down on a nice piece of paper, an emotional love letter is much better than a cold email. Make it something she can touch, feel and smell. A nice looking lavender scented paper might do the trick.

2. Confidence

Remember, you are the greatest writer that was ever born, especially when it comes to love letters for her. No one knows her like you do. No one loves her like you do. Take advantage of that. Make it count. Leave no stone unturned. You don’t need to make it romantic. You don’t need to make it special. The fact that you are writing a love letter for her is very romantic in itself. The fact that you are writing about her is already very special and appealing. So, just make it real. Be confident.

3. Mistakes

There is a common characteristic among the best love letters for her, and that is that none of them have any mistakes. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are a huge buzz kill. Nothing kills the mood like her having to correct your letter with red ink. Also, make sure that your writing is legible. Your handwriting doesn’t need to be beautiful. To her, it already is. Everything about you is. She’s in love with you, remember? So, just make sure that she can read what you write.

4. Detail

Pay attention to detail. Tell her what you like about her. If you like the way she smells when she comes out of the shower, tell her about it. If you like how her hair falls on her face and how cute she looks when she tries to blow it away, tell her. If you think she’s got sexy legs, tell her. Just tell her everything you like about her. This lets her know that you are paying attention and that makes you sexy. Any guy who pays attention is rare but if she knows that you are paying attention to her even though you both are already in a relationship, it will just make her want you more. You can even use a really romantic one line love quote for her. Don’t overdo it though. There’s a very thin line between paying attention and stalking. Remember that, make sure you don’t stalk.

5. Be Yourself

She knows that you are not a poet. So don’t try to copy lines. If you want to write a poem though, go ahead. Just make sure it’s original and you. Don’t say, ‘roses are red, violets are blue, you’re sweet as sugar and I love you.’ That’s just not you bro! If you can’t write a poem, so be it. Just write about a favourite movie or a favourite song of hers. Tell her how cute she looks when she’s saying the dialogues out loud. Tell her you love the fact that she’s seen When Harry Met Sally or Notting Hill or Jerry Maguire a million times and she still finds them romantic and cries at the best moments. Tell her that you love that she turns pink when she cries. Tell her how cute it is when she wipes her face with your shirt sleeve. Tell her about all the things that you love about her. No matter how small or how big. They matter.

6. Don’t Reveal Too Much

Don’t reveal your deepest secrets and darkest fears. I mean, if it’s a dorky thing like the zombie apocalypse, it’s not a problem. If it’s something cute like telling her how you used to dress up in your mom’s clothes as a kid, that’s fine too. However, if you find yourself writing about what you think your kids’ names should be or that Osama Bin Laden is still alive, then boss tear that paper and throw it in the bin. Actually, burn it.

7. Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid to say silly things. I mean, being silly is a major part of love. It’s cute and sometimes a lot of fun. If you like the way she looks in her sports outfit, tell her. Don’t think of it as being stupid and silly. If you like her in her Halloween costume, tell her. Sometimes, the smallest of things matter. The stupidest of thoughts make a world of difference. If you feel like taking a trip with her, tell her. Don’t let the spontaneity die. It’s what keeps the romance going longer.

8. Remind Her

Remind her of the first time she caught you staring at her. Tell her how you felt. The butterflies in your tummy, the sweaty palms or about the smile on your face! Tell her, how you later saw her looking at you just to see if you were still looking at her. Remind her of the smiles on both your faces. Remind her of your first date, your first kiss. Remind her of the first time you were walking back home together when all of a sudden, your fingers touched and how you held hands for the rest of the walk. Whatever it is that you want to convey, make sure it is clear. Make sure that she hears you loud. Sometimes, you might just end up talking about nothing and sometimes you’ll end up talking about a whole lot of things. At the end, they’ll all be memories to cherish.

9. Realizations

Tell her of the first time you realized you liked her. Tell her of the day you knew that you loved her. Describe the feeling. To her, there’s nothing sexier than her guy opening up and telling her about the day he realized he loved her. Tell her how everything has changed for you since then. Just don’t say that the grass seems greener and the sky seems bluer. Be real about your realizations. The more honest you are, the better it is.

10. Big Words

Don’t use big words. Use words you know the meaning of. If you want to use fancy words, put a check on your thoughts. Don’t use idioms. Don’t use stupid phrases. Refrain from trying to make it fancy. The simpler the letter, the better the end result will be.

11. Songs

Never use song lyrics. You can tell her that her voice is great and you think that she can sing very well. Or you can say, I’m going to sing you this particular song next time. However, do not copy song lyrics and say this is how I feel about you baby. That’ll ruin it. An I love you poem for her on the other hand, can be a welcome addition to your letter.

12. Movie Scenes

Never use dialogues from your favourite movie scenes even though she doesn’t know them. She’ll find out someday. You’ll be the one to show her the movie and she’ll say, I thought that line was an original. I can’t believe you copied it! No matter how much you try to explain that you actually weren’t copying the lines but were trying to convey a similar feeling, she’ll still say you copied it. So, just don’t use them. Come up with something creative.

13. Desperation

There’s a difference between desire, devotion and plain desperation. Keep that in mind. Do not be desperate. Tell her that the thought of you spending your life together is very exciting. By all means, tell her how much she means to you and how much you adore her. However, telling her that you can’t live without her and the thought of not spending every waking minute by her side driving you crazy just makes you sound creepy and desperate.

14. Clichés

Don’t use clichés. Just avoid them completely. I mean, if you’ve already been together for a long time and are trying to rekindle some of the romance, go for it. It might help. Some old school clichés might be the need of the hour. However, if it’s a new relationship, refrain from the clichés. It just feels weird. Don’t say stuff like, ‘I can stare at you for an eternity’ or ‘I want to hold your hand and look at the stars.’ It’s all been said too many times. Break away from the convention. Do something out of the norm. It’ll help you spice things up.

15. Jokes

Jokes are great ice breakers. They kick off a conversation. Write something funny. Something that will make her laugh out loud. A funny pickup line like ‘Do you have a band-aid, coz I just scraped my knee falling for you’ might do the trick. It’s cheesy but the thought of it will just make her laugh. If she’s not yours yet, she might be. A good sense of humour is something everyone likes. Remember, there have been instances where one has been amused into bed and into one’s life thereafter. So, be playful and teasing. However, if she’s already in a relationship with you, be a bit careful on the cheesiness. She might say, you better not try that on anyone else.

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