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Love Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend ?

When it comes to relationships, you can never be too inquisitive, no matter what love questions to ask your boyfriend you choose; this is a hopeful soulmate after all. The thing that keeps the relationship going is how you adapt to changes and how you communicate the differences to your partner. Most of us avoid asking questions because we feel that we may come across as someone who is too curious. But the fact is, some times ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’ only help you get better as they show you where you stand in your relationship.

So Be Sure You Use These 15 Love Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend!

You need to know more about him, your relationship and your future with him.

1. What is the first thing you noticed about me?

It might sound a little clichéd but the answers he gives to these ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’ will truly surprise you. We often have certain ideas about what people notice in us but what people who love us notice is usually very different.

2. What do you tell people about me?

It makes a huge difference when you know how your boyfriend describes you in front of others. Sure, he may send you funny love poems and cute love sms texts every now and then, but you need to still ask this question. It gives you a clear picture of what you come across as to him.

His reactions and body language when he answers these ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’ also make a difference, so remember to check him out (wink wink!) when you ask.

3. If you had to change one thing in me, what would it be?

Asking this will give you an idea about what you’re doing wrong or what is it about you that bothers him. And then you know what to do, right?

4. Where do you see this relationship going?

This may be a tricky on e on our ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’ as most guys try to run from it but if your guy is up for it then his answer might show you a clear picture of what’s going on in his mind. In fact, if he’s willing to answer the question at all, then you have yourself a rare finer specimen!

5. What do you think is ‘our song’?

This is a very cute question that will show what he thinks of you and his love for you. The lyrics of the song will be enough for you to know all the answers to the questions you have.

6. Which is your favourite memory of us?

This is not just one of those ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’ about memories but it speaks much more of his emotions related to that memory. It gives you an insight into what really makes him happy.

7. If your best friends have a problem with me, how would you handle the situation?

No girl would ever want her guy to part ways with his friends due to her but it’s always better to know whether he can successfully manage it or not. This question is the only one of all ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’ that show whether he has the ‘leader’ gene in him or not; it’s not about “Yes, I’ll pick you.” alone, it’s about why he’ll do what he’ll do.

8. Tell me three unique things about me that you think make me stand out?

Doesn’t hurt to make someone praise you, right? These kinds of ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’ will probably frustrate him but you’ll end up having a great time with lots of teasing and romance as he racks his brain thinking of answers.

9. Is there anything that you think I don’t get about you that you would want me to?

Asking him everything about you would be a little irritating for him, so ask him things that involve him and his expectations from you. That’s so important, seriously, his own view of himself. So on your list, put ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’ about his side of the story.

10. Have you ever been awkward or shy in telling me something?

Give him opportunities to open up to you. Ask him things you think he wouldn’t tell you on his own. Show him that the communication path between you two is open and he can always feel free to talk to you.

11. Do you think about our future, marriage, kids?

If he is serious about you then he must have thought about it sometime in his life. And if he has, ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’ about your future together can lead to a really fun conversation.

12. If you had a chance to spend just one day with me, what would you do to make it special?

Give hints and take hints. This conversation may even give you ideas what to do next to make his day special.

13. What do you notice in other women?

This isn’t really a one of the ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’, but is something that will help you understand his thought process better. Also, there’s never any harm in checking others out as long as it is healthy.

14. Who is your celebrity crush and would you pick her over me?

This is a fun question that you can ask him and discussing celebrity crushes can totally be a game-changer as you can end up spending hours watching movies together and spend some good quality time together. Just don’t get jealous and kill the mood though. You can ask these kinds of ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’.

15. Will you marry me?

Who says that it has to be a guy who has to pop the question always? If you think you’ve arrived at a point where you to wish to be together forever then you should totally propose!

Alternately, use this question as a metric to see what’s on his mind again. It’s one of the future-with-me ‘love questions to ask your boyfriend’.


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