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Love Without Expectations Ways To Do It

You start loving someone with an expectation of being loved in return or expect that beloved to do things that always make a profound display of their love towards you. When expectations are fulfilled in love, all is good. But when expectations are not met, there is trouble.

When expectations in love aren’t met, one experiences disappointment and agony. It is the moment when one must introspect as to why must one adjoin love with expectations at all? Is there a way to love without expectations?

If you’ve been thinking on the same lines then here are 11 things you can do to love without expectations.

1. Have Faith In Your Relationship

t all begins with trust. Trust that your relationship is meant to be, and that you and your beloved make a great team. When it comes to love without expectations, you might be madly in love, but you need to develop faith in the solidarity of your relationship it is only then that you start becoming selfless.

2. Believe In Your Beloved

When you are in a relationship that has love as its foundation then you know that whatever your partner will ever do for you will be for your own good. You should shun all doubts and trust the intentions of the one you love. Trust that person’s intentions, and you will realise the more you love without expectations the less awry you feel about the relationship.

3. Accept Your Beloved The Way He/She Is

Everyone is unique. Each human being has their own set of good and not-so-good personality traits. When you love someone, you take the person as a whole with all their qualities. Once in a relationship, your focus should not be that person’s transformation, instead your focus should be on learning to love those tiny harmless imperfections that make a person complete. When you accept your beloved the way he/she is, you slowly learn to love without expectations.

4. Become Selfless

And that in simple words is about what you give in love rather than what you expect to get in love. It is about what you can do for the overall betterment of your relationship. When you love without expectations, you become unselfish, you realise that it does not matter any more what that other person did for you. Instead, it becomes a point about what you have done, and can do to improve your relationship with your partner.

5. Do Not Compare

Do not compare your lady/beau with others nor should you compare your relationship with that of others. Every relationship has its own unique set of ups and downs, and comparing what other couples have to what you both have is like comparing apples to oranges. Eventually, it leads to nothing, and instead would end up straining your relationship with your beloved. You need to understand that love without expectations is a basic with some relationships.

6. Speak With An Open Mind

Be honest with your beloved. Keeping secrets creates sort of a mental barrier with that person, which as time progresses turns into a rift that you will never be able to solve. In case you have to speak something to your beloved, speak with an open mind without expectations. That way you will always maintain a sense of happiness in your relationship.

7. Do Not Blackmail

In case you need something or expect something from your partner, do not take the ’emotional blackmail route’ to get there. Remember, love without expectations. Your relationship is not an investment. You should never see it that way. The more you see it as an investment, the more you will seek returns as frequently as possible. When you will not achieve them, it will push you to the verge of blackmailing, which will eventually ruin the relationship. You need to be unselfish (remember point 4).

8. Apologise For Your Mistakes And Forgive Unconditionally

It does matter whether it is a mistake or not, but not in the long run,as long it is something that could hamper the tranquillity of your relationship. When love without expectations is the case, take the first step to apologise. An ideal relationship is where both the partners are equals and therefore you should not let ego take over. Make sure that when your partner apologizes to you for something, you are prompt in forgiving him/her.

9. Don’t Nag Or Complain Unnecessarily

It is fine to voice your difference in opinion with your partner. After all that will help you both find the best way out of a problem. But constantly nagging about a certain topic, pleading, and going to the extent of complaining needlessly can cause tons of harm to your relationship and the morale of your beloved. When you love without expectations, you look for a solution together, and accept borders, rather than put the blame on one person alone, or worse, pressure them because you have been told that this is what’s cool for you.

10. Keep Your Mind Clear

It means keeping it free from things like jealousy, suspicion, and unnecessary discontent. Keep your mind free from all the unwanted thoughts that would sabotage your relationship, and you will realise that you develop a sense of peace in your relationship that will help you keep all the expectations at bay.

11. Always Strive To Improve Your Relationship

No matter how perfect your relationship with your loving partner is, there will always be certain avenues in which you can improve it. Always work on improving your bond by doing small things everyday that will strengthen your affiliation. Simple words of appreciation towards your partner is one such example. In the long run, it can help you develop a better sense of satisfaction in your relationship. This will eventually help you be a better person, one who can absolutely love someone without any expectations at all.

Still wondering about how to love without expectations? Hope you got the answers. Agree? Disagree? Have anything to add or share? Do let us know.


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