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Julian picked up the box of Tampons I had bought. “Unscented”, he smirked, and then added, “Well not for long.” So very easy for him to press this white-hot button. And so typically callous. I was finally through with him.

However, the holiday season gave me an excuse to invite him out for a forgiveness dinner, with the strong possibility of make up sex later. He arrived at the door, still handsome in a vaguely boyish way, with that smarmy look that was soon to be wiped clean. He was dressed in a smart suit, but I had nothing on but a Santa’s hat and a thong.

“I thought that we might have dessert first”, and I took him by the hand to the bedroom. I slowly and lovingly removed his clothes, exposing a throbbing erection. He did not seem to notice that my sheets were in disarray or to object when I cuffed his ankles to his wrists. In fact, being bound seemed to add to his excitement as I cupped his balls and nursed on the rigid shaft. He came quickly and I held the gushing flow in my mouth to share with him in a long kiss. He thrashed a bit, embarrassed to be swallowing cum, but I cooed at him saying, “This is a taste that you will soon acquire.”

I turned him over and placed pillows under his stomach, completely exposing his body to the flogger that I held in my hand. “You have been a very naughty boy this year and you will have to be punished before your pleasure.”

He did not take his whipping well, especially when I concentrated on his scrotum, so I gagged him, savoring his pained expression from having my sperm soaked panties in his mouth. “My new lover, Robert, fucked me just before you arrived and my vagina is still warm with his cum. I hope his taste pleases you as well. Now he is here to finish your deserved whipping.” As these final, painful blows nearly lifted Julian off the bed, I slipped a leather chocker on him and whispered, “I hope you will enjoy the sex that I made up just for you — our make up sex.”

After the gag was removed, he was whimpering and in total sexual humiliation. Robert tenderly put aloe on Julian’s back, which had a calming effect, though he began to buck and strain as anal lubricant was being liberally applied. I kissed him lightly and said, “I am sharing Robert with you, and while you are being taken, I will be mating with my new trainer, Johnny, for the first time. Enjoy the show.”

Julian was squirming and pleading, but powerless to stop Robert, who held him in tight embrace, forcefully penetrating him from behind at will. He was crying at first, either from humiliation or pain or hearing my shuddering orgasm, but then I saw him thrust his hips up to impale himself completely on his lover’s huge cock. Robert released the restraints and Julian willingly turned over, pulled Robert deep inside him, wantonly kissing him with each slow penetration. I felt the sting of jealousy to see them rhythmically couple with complete devotion and intimacy. They were really making love! They exchanged sounds of pleasure and whispered soft and secret words, Julian smiling in rapture as Robert released his warm semen inside him. They held each other in bliss, listening to me moan in ecstasy as Johnny stretched my pussy with his gorgeous cock, filling it in thick spurts.

When Robert withdrew, Julian was spent with pleasure, not moving as I sat over him holding his mouth to my menstruating vagina. He brought me to a huge crescendo, ravenously swallowing the numerous cum loads and overflowing blood that I was orgasming into his mouth.

“Do you like my scent?”


Ms Yuna


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