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Master MakeUp in 12 Easy Steps

Step 1: Colour Corrector

In makeup, the use of a colour corrector is to even out the skin colour, say if you have redness of the skin or blemishes. It is the first step towards neutralizing the colour profile of the skin before makeup is applied.

Step 2: Concealer

A concealer from Nars or MAC seems a good choice to conceal all the unnecessary marks on the skin that you haven’t had the time to look after. Dark marks or spots, the dark circles under the eyes, all of these are taken care of by the concealer.

Step 3: Foundation/Highlight

Makeup foundation leaves a firm, even skin on which the makeup will be retained and packed. A good base foundation, like the Mac studio fix foundation NC 35 or Graftobian cream foundation palette, ensures that the makeup stays much longer – an absolute necessity for the Indian bride. The following video is helpful in knowing how the base foundation for makeup is applied.

Step 4: Cream Contour

Contouring does nothing but enhances features on the bride’s face. Like adding a slender look to the nose or accentuating the cheek bones. You should see how something like a contour stick does a miracle on the bride’s face!

Step 5: Powders

The makeup artists may choose from many pressed powders like Laura Mercier transluscent powder, Lou Mineralize or the Mac Studio Fix Powder. What these powders do is that they pack in the makeup and give a finishing to the work done already. A combination of powders can be used keeping in mind the skin tone and the type of skin being worked on.

Step 6: Powder Contour

Once the powder finish is in place, you can add a powder contour like the Mac Mineralize skin finish to blend the contouring onto the powdered and finished surface of the face.

Step 7: Blush

Blush essentially adds the healthy pinkness below the cheekbone area, which gives a natural dimension to the makeup when not overdone.

Step 8: Eyeshadow Primers

Like the primer base used for the facial makeup, the eye makeup also uses a good eyeshadow primer with the same function of holding the eyeshadow firmly in its place once applied.

Step 9: Eyeshadows

Now that the eyeshadow primer has been applied, the eyes are ready for their eyeshadows. Using products like the MAC Mulch Eyeshadow, Nars or Urban decay eyeshadows the makeup artist can achieve a gorgeous look for the bride. Check out how effective you can make your eye makeup from the following video.

Step 10: Eyeliner

To finish up the eye makeup the eyeliner is put in place. Gel-liners are also a popular option these days in the Indian bridal makeup. It gives more definition to the eye make-up. The following video shows 3 different ways in which one can apply the eyeliner and achieve different looks.

Step 11: Eyelashes

If you are sure you won’t cry your eyes out, then additional eyelashes can really round out the eye makeup. Adding eyelashes can accentuate the bride’s beautiful eyes in a natural way, complementing the overall eye makeup that’s been done.

Step 12: Lip-liners And Colours

And finally to get the perfect lips to complete a perfect bridal look, a Soar lipliner can be used to define the lips and filled in with the Viva Glam 2 lipstick (both from MAC) or wear a Ruby Woo as shown in the video below. The result is a pair of lips so luscious, the bride can’t but smile!


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