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I left my office after phoning Steve and went to the bathroom to clean myself up with the realisation that my boss had just used me for his pleasure without my husband’s knowledge and that I had agreed to be available to be used by the partners at the law firm as their slut, with his knowledge it would seem.

I had always had a promiscuous streak, mentally at least, but apart from a few episodes with my previous boyfriend (read ch01) it all had all been the stuff of fantasy. How does fantasy become reality? When does fantasy become reality? I am not sure I had ever seriously contemplated living out the slut fantasies in me outside my marriage. I had thought that there was every possibility that Steve and I might find a paid escort to fuck me, or a woman to have sex with, like I did with Mark, but never did I seriously think I would ever act out my more outrageous fantasies for real. I had just crossed that line.

Effectively I had just agreed to be a whore, receiving money, a salary, in return for the use of my body. I would keep my job in the company restructure and therefore retain my salary, the condition being that the partners could use me in any way they wanted, whenever and wherever they wanted. Yes, I was agreeing to be a paid whore! I knew deep down that it wasn’t about the money.

The thought sent ripples of excitement through me, along with an element of trepidation. Did I want to just go back and tell Rick that I was resigning, that I couldn’t do it. At least then I would retain some dignity. Ok, I had let Rick fuck me, but I’m sure Steve and I could cope with that, particularly under the circumstances. And it was Steve after all who had blurted out my fantasies in the first place, and apparently been happy to have Rick put the proposal to me. To do that he must want this badly.

A million things were swirling around in my head. How could I so easily allow another man to use me, in this case my boss? I was a happily married woman after all. Surely, I could just find another job and Steve and I would be alright. The one thing I could not ignore as I sat down in the bathroom to clean myself up was that I was absolutely wet through. My pussy was the most honest part of me at that very moment. It knew what it wanted, and it was attached to my brain after all. I wanted it, I was ready. I wanted to be a slut. What was I thinking?

I slipped my fingers between my legs. I was so wet and open. I inserted two fingers and then added two more quite easily. I don’t recall ever being more turned on in my life, not even when I first took another man’s cock in my mouth for my ex-boyfriend Mark. I fantasised about being used by the five partners, the five partners and Steve. I quickly brought myself to orgasm as I imagined what they might do to me, how they might use me, how often they would use me. I sucked my fingers after I came all over them. The taste was intoxicating. The moment was surreal. I was in true slut mode.

My mind jolted back to the fact that I still had to make absolutely sure that Steve was ok with everything, that it wasn’t a spur of the moment decision that he would end up regretting. What if he changed his mind and didn’t want to go through with it? How he would react when he found out his boss had just fucked his wife up the arse? Was it normal for a man in love with his wife, which he undoubtedly was, to want her to be fucked by other men?

The main thing I was concerned about was how he would feel about Rick having his way with me before I discussed it with him. I hoped, and if the truth be known, expected, that he would find the incident with Rick a huge turn on – the thought of his wife acting like a total slut with another man. We roleplayed it a lot in the bedroom. One thing that did go through my head was that I could hardly knock back any sexual request or instruction from my husband in the future if I was going to be servicing five other men. It was a very titillating thought.

I called a cab and waited outside. As Steve and I worked in the city, we each caught the train to work, so I didn’t have a car to drive to the bar. The cab turned up and I jumped into the back seat. As he drove me to the bar I had a very naughty thought and I opened my legs slightly so that my pussy was visible. It was not as if the driver could see much as he was concentrating on the road, or so he should have been. I was sitting behind the passenger seat though, so he could have caught a glimpse in the rear-vision mirror if he looked. I was sure he would pick up the odour though after what I had just been through at the office with Rick. I found myself very turned on imagining he could see my pussy. Deep down I was hoping he would. I was on fire. I had never felt so alive. I couldn’t wait to see my husband. He is a real hunk and I had always been turned on by him. The thought of where our sex life may go from here thrilled me to my core. I wanted to be a slut, I wanted nothing more in the world at that moment.

We pulled up at the bar and the driver told me the cost. I went to my handbag and pulled out the correct money for him. I handed it to him, and he looked around as he took it from me. ‘I’m sorry, but that’s all I have, otherwise I would give you a tip’ I said. ‘It’s ok madam’ he responded, ‘you have given me the best tip I could have asked for’. He then smiled at me. He got out of the car and came around and opened the door for me, something a cab driver would never do. I made sure I opened my legs for him as I got out of the cab to ensure he got the appropriate tip. I had no knickers on so he would have enjoyed it. I walked into the bar feeling very sexy.

I knew I looked sexy. I had on a black business suit that I knew Steve just loved. The skirt was tight and finished quite a bit above my knees, and I wore a push up bra that accentuated my breasts. I had undone an extra button just to make myself more alluring to him, and to the other bar patrons as well for that matter. I wanted to attract attention. It was a Friday night, so the bar was quite busy. I got quite a few glances as I walked up to Steve.

Steve was seated on a stool at the bar. I thought how hot he looked. I walked straight up to him and gave him a more sensual kiss than our normal greeting. As our lips disconnected he gave me a wicked questioning look. ‘Yes, I have accepted the company’s proposal’ I said. ‘Tell me more’ he said. ‘If your wondering what that taste is it could be Rick’s cum from when I cleaned his cock with my mouth, it could from be my arse where his cock had been before I cleaned it, or it could be from my cunt when I licked my fingers after orgasming in the bathroom after pleasing myself’ I said boldly. I just blurted it out. I couldn’t believe I did.

The look on Steve’s face was priceless. ‘You naughty little slut’ he said. ‘Yes darling, your naughty little slut’ I responded. I explained exactly what had transpired in Rick’s office and the proposal he had put to me. After all, it was Steve who had suggested it. I couldn’t take my eyes off Steve as I told him. He was almost breaking out in a cold sweat. He was clearly aroused.

We then engaged in a deep conversation, the essence of which was him asking me if I was sure I wanted to go through with this. He put the same questions to me that I had put to myself. His main point was that he only wanted me to do it if I was totally sure, assuring me that I could find another job if I needed to, that it shouldn’t be just about keeping my job. I then put the question back on him. ‘You were the one who told Rick about my sexual fantasies’ I said, ‘you were the one who suggested I be the company slut’. ‘I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you want this, that this will enhance our marriage, not damage it’ I said. I finished by saying ‘do you want your wife to be a total slut, because that is what this is all about’ I said.

Steve looked at me and said, ‘I think it is what we both want darling, I wouldn’t have suggested this to Rick if I was not totally convinced about it’. ‘Rick has always told me how hot he thinks you are and has on more than one occasion made suggestions about a threesome’. ‘It is also clear to me that you have thought about having sex with him’. ‘I know you too well and I have certainly noticed that your work outfits are pretty sexy these days’ he said. ‘Is that for Rick’ he asked’. I pondered. I guessed it was. He then added, ‘on many occasions I have masturbated to the thought of you bent over his desk with his cock up your arse’. ‘In fact, I have imagined that when taking you up the arse over the kitchen table’. ‘Whenever I have thought I cum so quickly’. ‘You filthy bastard’ I said, ‘I love it’.

So, the deal was confirmed. I was going to be available to be used sexually by the partners at the law firm and I had no say at all in what transpired. I was their whore. I could feel how wet I was, which was a little embarrassing in a public bar as I had no panties on. Why? Just because, because that is how I felt, like a slut. At that moment I had a very naughty thought. I opened my handbag and retrieved my black G-string. I handed it to Steve. He looked at me in rapture and said, ‘I think I need to give you a little test’.

‘I have noticed you looking over my shoulder a few times as we have been talking and smiling’. ‘What is going on’ he asked? I explained that there was this incredibly good-looking guy at the bar who had been giving me the eye ever since I walked in. Steve then said ‘ok time to prove to me what a willing slut my wife is’. He then said, ‘I am going to leave the bar on the pretence that I have to make a phone call’. ‘You will then smile at him and encourage him to talk to you’. ‘I will leave it up to you as to where it goes’.

‘No, you can’t do that, not here’ I said. ‘Why not’ he responded. ‘I have never had sex with a strange man, I’m not sure I can do it’ I said, my picture of a normal wife kicking in. I wasn’t going to be a normal wife anymore, I was going to be a slut available for sexual use by the Partners at a law firm, a law firm I worked at. My mind was racked with confusion. ‘Ok, I’ll ring Rick when we get home and tell him you’ve reconsidered his proposal then’. ‘No, please don’t do that’ I said. He looked at and said, ‘well then’. ‘Ok, go outside then, I’ll see what happens’ I said.

Steve was gone for about 15 minutes. It was all the time needed for the guy to approach me. We made some small talk and then he asked about the man who was with me. I explained to him that he was my husband and that he had gone outside hoping he may come over and talk to me. The guy had a bit of a quizzical look on his face, but I think he got the gist – the hotwife thing. I was sitting on the bar stool and he was standing above me which would have given him an outstanding view of my cleavage. To my surprise he then said, ‘you have got an outstanding body and I’m sure that naked pussy looks great too’. I smiled at him nervously. ‘Yes, I happened to catch you hand your panties to your husband’. The guy was so hot, and I was so turned on at the attention, that almost involuntarily I opened my legs enough for him to get a look. ‘Is that what you want’ I asked boldly? I couldn’t believe I said it. He took my hand and placed it on his crotch. ‘Is that what you want’ he said firmly. With that Steve walked in the door.

It would not have been difficult for him to immediately catch on that there was something going on between the man and I. He didn’t let that stop him and he came straight over, and with a very naughty smile said, ‘I hope I am not interrupting anything’. The guy looked Steve straight in the eyes and said, ‘I think your beautiful hotwife would like me to fuck her’. I gave Steve a look of shock. I was not putting it on. I had not expected him to just come out with it.

‘Be my guest’ said Steve. He then looked at me and said, ‘you know the drill darling’. The bar had bathrooms at the back at the end of a long hallway. There was one entrance and then separate doors to the mens and womens. Steve and I had fucked there on more than one occasion, always in the mens. We figured if we ever got caught that men would be more understanding about finding a woman in their bathroom than women would in catching a man in their bathroom.

Not another word was spoken. The man, whose name I did not even know, took me by the hand and I got down off the stool. In doing that I had agreed to go through with this. He then let my hand go and said, ‘follow me’. I let him walk down the corridor first. I then made my way down there, ready to be fucked by this nameless stranger, wanting to be fucked by this nameless stranger. I walked in the general entrance to the bathrooms and he was standing at the door of the mens. ‘Safe’ he said, ‘there is nobody here’. He took me by the hand and led me into one of the cubicles before shutting the door behind us. He took me into his arms and kissed me passionately. I melted into his arms as he lifted my skirt and stroked my bare arse. I wanted him badly. I wanted to be his slut, I was now sure of it. He spanked me on the arse which sent electricity racing through my body. I loved spankings. Steve knew that spanking me opened the door to our wildest sexual roleplaying.

To my surprise he said, ‘I need to pee’. He then undid his fly and removed his penis. It was rock hard. I knew enough about men to know that it is very hard to piss with an erection. Steve and I had played pissing games many times, so I wasn’t put off. In fact, it was highly arousing. I was now really in the mood. Steve loved feeling me piss between his fingers while I sat on the toilet, and he had pissed on me in the shower many times. In fact, a few times I had taken it in my mouth.

I watched as the guy’s erection subsided enough for him to piss and then out in came. ‘Get on your knees and watch’ he said forcefully. I knelt next to the toilet bowl and watched as an endless steam of urine poured form his cock, splashing loudly inside the bowl. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I was so unbelievably aroused at the whole scenario. It was so dirty, and that was how I felt, dirty, slutty. My wonderful husband was sitting at the bar whilst his slut of a wife knelt next to a stranger taking a piss.

When he finished, he made no attempt to clean it with toilet paper. He simply looked down at me and said, ‘clean it’. I went to get some toilet paper and he said ‘no, with your mouth slut’. I was shocked, but very turned-on. I looked up at this gorgeous man with the huge cock and leant forward and took the tip of his penis into my mouth with no hesitation. I could feel the droplets on my tongue. What a slut I was. I loved it. I cleaned his cock and sucked it to full erection. His cock was very impressive, and I loved taking it down my throat. I couldn’t help myself and I licked his balls as well. I could taste some urine on them as I did it. That just added to the eroticism of it all. I was in an insatiable mood.

He then lifted me up, lifted my skirt and bent me over the toilet bowl facing away from the door. Without saying a single word, he thrust his manhood deep inside my wet, open cunt and gave me the fucking of my life. I wanted him deep inside me and I lifted my left leg and put my foot on the rim of the toilet bowl to open myself totally for him. I knew that would accentuate the shape of my arse for him as well. I was a little show-off deep down. I wanted to scream out in ecstasy as he fucked me but bit my tongue in case anybody came in.

It didn’t take long before I felt his cock spasm and explode inside me. The mens room is not the type of place you want to a long slow fuck. It is wham, bam, thank you mam. He kept cumming and cumming, using me for his pleasure. I bit my tongue again as I came with him still inside me. I held him inside me as I came, this stranger who was using me, making me his slut. After he finally finished cumming, he removed his cock with a slurp. I love that sound. I was standing, legs spread over the toilet bowl. I knew he had deposited an incredible load of semen inside me. I felt so full. I opened my legs and looked down and watched as it poured from my cunt into the bowl. Yes, it was a cunt now. Sluts have cunts not pussies.

The man did himself up and opened the door of the cubicle leaving me there. He slapped my arse and didn’t say a word. I closed the door behind me and sat down and cleaned myself up. As I was doing it I heard the door open and a couple of guys talking as they pissed into the urinal. I found myself in raptures listening to the sound. I wanted to watch. I wondered if they noticed the smell of sex in the bathroom. Would they find me and fuck me too? I don’t think I could have resisted them if they did. Unfortunately, probably fortunately, they left without incident. After all, Steve and I liked the bar and it would have been difficult to show my face again if the patrons and owners knew what a whore I was. Then maybe it would have some upside as well. Nevertheless, I was in the clear.

I walked back to the bar and the man was gone. He’d fucked and left. I sort of liked the thought of that. He had used me and probably gone home to his wife. I was coming to realise more and more how being used like a slut without any regard for my pleasure was my biggest turn-on. I loved the humiliation of just being seen as a slut to fuck.

Steve couldn’t wait to hear what happened. He was loving this as much as I was. Over a couple of drinks, I told him all about it and the way it made me feel. His smile said it all. ‘Now take me home and use me’ I said to him, ‘use your slut of a wife’.

A slut had been born.


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