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I had just been fucked by a stranger in the men’s room in a bar after being fucked up the arse by my boss at the office and agreeing to be the Company slut, available for use by all the Partners of the law firm where Steve and I both worked. He was a Partner. The guy who fucked me had left the bar and I wanted to get Steve home so he could use his slut of a wife. Any reluctant thoughts had vanished from my brain. The sexual events of the day and evening, along with having had enough wine to feel totally relaxed, had rid me of any normal inhibitions.

Steve called an Uber as we always did after going to the bar. We wanted to get home quickly too as we had some serious sexual action to attend to. It was time to take care of my husband. It was his turn to use me. ‘Use me’, how I loved that term. I wanted to be used.

The Uber turned up and we got in for the 20-minute trip home. As we sat in the back Steve turned my face to his and gave me a deep passionate kiss. ‘I love you’ he said. Obviously, he was not at all jealous about the fact that my cunt and arse had been used by two other men in the preceding hours. As he kissed me, he put his hand between my legs to find a still very wet pussy. I opened my legs for him not worrying about the fact that the driver would get a full view of the action as again, I was behind the passenger seat. Steve had done this on many occasions on the way home from a boozy night out. He loved putting me on display. It may be why our Uber rating was so high.

Steve put his fingers inside me and released my breasts and sucked my nipples. We may as well have been having sex. In fact, I wondered how far Steve would go. I wasn’t going to stop him having whatever he wanted. I owed it to him after what I had already been through that day. It was his turn.

He told me to lift my hips and pull my skirt above my waist. There I was naked from the waist down, legs spread, and Steve pleasuring my wet, open cunt. This went on all the way home. The driver didn’t say a word. I knew that he would not have been human if he didn’t have the odd peak in the rear-vision mirror. Finally, we got home. Steve had done an expert job ensuring I was on the edge when we got there. He played with my clitoris just enough to have me totally aroused but not enough to give me an orgasm. He wanted me to be on fire for the session we were about to have in the bedroom. The mind boggled as to what we would get up to. What would he want to do to his slut of a wife?

The Uber driver pulled into our driveway as instructed by Steve. I did think that was a little strange as normally he would tell them to park on the street outside the house. He then said to the driver, ‘you did an excellent job keeping your eyes on the road with my beautiful wife’s pussy on display in the back’. ‘I think you deserve a little tip’. Steve turned to me and said, ‘darling I think our wonderful driver deserves to put his cock in your mouth’. I was taken aback. I really had not expected that. I knew it was one of Steve’s fantasies. We had roleplayed it many times in the bedroom.

I was up for it though, even though the driver was nothing to write home about. That just made me feel naughtier. He then said, ‘ok darling, get out of the car and jump in the passenger seat next to our driver and give him a blowjob to remember’. Steve had clearly started to enjoy sharing me.

I did as I was told and knelt on the passenger seat next to the driver with my naked bum in the air and my skirt still above my waist. I unzipped the driver’s pants, took out his rock-hard penis, and gave him one of my great blowjobs. As I was sucking his cock I couldn’t help thinking how good my bare arse must look through the window of the passenger side of the car. I knew I had a great arse. I imagined a group of men watching as I sucked him. I felt like such a slut. I felt very turned on to be engaging in such a sluttish act. If the truth be known, I wanted other men watching me. There was an exhibitionist side coming out in me.

I felt the man’s cock stiffen in my mouth then start to jerk until I felt it. I don’t know how long it had been since he last came but I struggled to keep all his semen in my mouth, not wanting to make a mess of his car. Always the neat person. I laughed internally at that. I was a neat-freak housewife on one hand and a dirty slut of a wife on the other. I made sure I cleaned his cock thoroughly, so he didn’t make a mess of himself when he had to put it away. Typical me, that neat-freak coming out again.

The man then thanked my husband profusely. Not a word to me, the woman who had just given him what was probably the best blowjob he had ever received in his life. I liked it. It was a nice touch. It made me feel like a paid whore, nothing more, nothing less. It was incredible what thoughts were going through my head at that point in time. Your pussy tells no lies, and I could feel waves of satisfaction ripping through it. I liked Steve sharing me for the pleasure of other men. I couldn’t wait for what was coming at work the following week. They say a man thinks with his dick, well I was thinking with my pussy. I wanted more. I needed more. I felt insatiable.

We both got out of the car and the driver thanked Steve yet again. Fuck, I loved that. Steve turned to me and said, ‘well, you’ve done the treble my slutty little angel, one load in your arse, one in your cunt, and one in your mouth’. ‘Time for me to take you inside and punish you’. Those words made me go weak at the knees. I couldn’t wait. I wanted Steve to punish his slut of a wife.

He took me by the hand and led me inside, my skirt still around my waist. I walked towards the door with my arse on display. Again, I had that naughty thought of how exciting it would be if somebody saw me. After Steve opened the door and we stepped inside he told me to get undressed and sit downstairs and wait while he went to the bedroom to get things ready. I took off everything other than my heels and waited in the lounge. After about five minutes Steve appeared, naked with a hard-on to match anything I had ever seen from him. My mouth salivated. I wanted to please it. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to feel the texture of his manliness on my tongue. I wanted to please my husband.

‘Follow me slut’ he said. ‘Yes sir’ I responded. I loved calling him sir. I liked the submissiveness of giving him control. I walked into the bedroom and saw the ties and cuffs on the bed. There was also an array of sex toys, and the whip, yes, the whip. How I loved the whip when I was in the right space, and I was definitely in the right space now. We loved sex toys and over the years we had accumulated something for every occasion. The whip was there for very special occasions. Steve knew how to use it. Enough to make me wince, but not enough to do any damage. It made me feel so naughty. ‘Lay on your stomach slut’ he told me. I loved it when he referred to me like that.

He attached the cuffs to my wrists, pulled my arms to the side, and fastened the ropes around the legs of the bed. He then told me to get on my knees. He placed three pillows under my stomach to make sure I was on my knees and everything was accessible to him. He then spread my legs, attached the cuffs to my ankles and tightly fastened the ropes to the other legs of the bed, ensuring I could not pull my legs together.

My body was his to do with as he pleased. I felt the wetness between my legs. I was face down, arse up, and legs spread. He then attached a blindfold which always added to the sensation of being punished and being used by him. He used it in our roleplays to make me imagine it was another man. I often imagined it was Rick, or maybe some stranger he had brought over to use me. It made me feel so hot.

I heard some movement and waited for the first blow. There was a feeling of thrilling anticipation, mixed with fear. I knew it would hurt, but I knew Steve knew how to push me to my limits without taking it too far. All of a sudden the whip came cracking down across my arse cheeks. I let out a noise that was somewhere between a scream and a whimper. Fuck, it hurt, but fuck, it also felt so good. ‘You’ve always wanted Rick’s cock haven’t you slut’ he said. With that down came the whip again. It felt like he meant it. ‘Tell me the truth or you will get it even harder’ he said. ‘Yes’ I said, half sobbing. ‘Yes what’ he said to me. ‘Yes sir, I have always wanted Rick’s cock’, I responded breathlessly. Down came the whip again. I could feel the fire in my arse. ‘What a cheating slut you are taking Rick’s cock up your arse without even asking me’ he screamed, as he whipped me again.

I was started to get a little worried that he might actually be pissed off such was the force of the blows. He had never whipped me this hard before. ‘But we have always fantasised about you sharing me with other men, I thought you would like it’ I said. He then whipped my arse again, this time a little softer. ‘You crossed a line today slut, and from now on I will treat you like the slut you are and share you with whoever I choose’. ‘You will allow yourself to be used by others for my pleasure, is that understood’ he said. ‘Yes sir’ I pleaded, ‘you can share we at your whim, just please don’t whip me so hard again’. Steve had played it perfectly.

Steve put the whip down and came over and knelt on the side of the bed next to where I was facing. He placed his cock on my lips and I opened my mouth to take him. ‘Fuck your slut’s mouth’ I said, ‘treat my anyway you want, I am your whore wife’. I slid my mouth down the length of his cock. It was delicious, full of his manhood. I wanted him to use me for his pleasure. That’s what I was there for.

‘You can suck it better than that’ he said, as he slapped his open palm against my wet, wanton pussy. How I loved it when he did that. It was one of my favourite things. It always sent shivers through my entire body. Steve knew I sucked better when I was getting punished. I had always been like that. He knew me so well. As soon as he made contact with my pussy my mouth opened wider, became wetter and I took his cock more deeply. He slapped it again and again as I took him deep into my wet, open mouth. Steve fucked my mouth with his hands now on the back of my head. ‘That’s perfect’ he said, ‘no wonder that Uber driver was so thankful to me for letting him use you.’ Again, excitement ripped through my body at the thought that my husband had let him use me.

Steve removed his cock from my mouth and went and stood behind me. I so wanted him to fuck me. I wanted that cock deep inside me. I was desperate. I felt the head of his cock press against my open cunt. ‘Where do you want it first slut, in the cunt or arse’ he said firmly. ‘In the cunt’ I responded, knowing how he loved me using that word. I then heard some buzzing and something at my ready arsehole. He then expertly worked the anal dildo into my arse as his cock entered my cunt. How I loved that. ‘I bet you would have loved it if those two other guys that walked into the mens room had used you as well wouldn’t you slut’ he said. ‘Oh yes’ I responded, ‘I needed more cock’. ‘I wanted their cocks, I wanted them to fuck me too’. ‘I am such a dirty slut’ I said.

I could feel Steve’s erection getting firmer and I knew how much he loved me talking dirty to him, so I took over.

‘You would have loved them to fuck your slut of a wife wouldn’t you’. ‘You love sharing her mouth, cunt and arsehole with other men don’t you’. ‘I know you love me being a slut for you’. ‘You can’t wait for your workmates to use me can you’. ‘You want your wife to be a complete slut for other men’. ‘How would you like watching a group of men gangbang your wife’. ‘How many would you like to do that’ I said.

Steve was now fucking me so hard with a hand on each buttock, thrusting his cock deep inside me. I knew I had him on the edge. At that moment he removed his cock from my cunt and I felt the anal dildo leave my rectum. I knew what was coming. It was exactly what I wanted. ‘Tell me where you want it now slut’ he said. ‘In my arse sir, please fuck my arse’. ‘That’s where sluts deserve to get fucked isn’t it’ he said. ‘Yes sir, they deserve to be fucked up the arse’. He then plunged his cock into my arse balls deep. It felt fucking fantastic. I wanted him to come in my arse.

I amped it up. ‘How many’ I repeated, ‘how many men do you want to watch gangbang your wife’? ‘10’ he replied very short of breath. ‘Is that all’ I responded wickedly, ‘I could do that easily’ I said. ‘Would you want them to cum in all her holes’? ‘I sure would’ said Steve.

‘You want to add your sperm to your bosses now don’t you’. ‘You love the fact that he fucked your slut wife up the arse’. ‘I bet you would have liked to have been watching, seeing your slut of a wife bent over his desk with his cock up her arse’. ‘You are a filthy bastard, nothing turns you on more than your wife being a total slut does it’. ‘You love the thought of sharing her don’t you’ I said. Steve was ready to cum and nothing came from his mouth. ‘Tell me’ I repeated, ‘tell me how you want your wife to be used by lots of men, by strangers’.

‘I want it so badly’ he said, ‘I love the thought of you being used by other men, I want you to be a slutwife for me, I love the thought of watching you get fucked’. ‘Oh, oh, oh, oh’, said Steve as he filled my arse full of his semen. The sensation of it flooding into my arse was totally exhilarating. He thrust hard inside me with a steady stream of ejaculate. His cock held still inside me, filling me up like I have never felt him do before. I moved my left arm under my body and vigorously ribbed my clitoris with my fingers as he was coming and spanking me at the same time. The thrill of it sent me over the edge and I came for the umpteenth time that day.

It had been right up there with the Paula and Greg experience as one of the most satisfying, exciting days of my life. I wanted more of it, I didn’t want it to stop. I couldn’t wait for next week when my life as the Company slut commenced. I wanted the Partners to use me, I wanted Steve to share his slut of a wife with whoever he wanted to. I needed it like nothing I had ever needed in my life.

And above all, I now knew for sure that Steve wanted it too. There was no turning back.


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