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It was Monday night of my first week as Company slut. After an eventful day 1 in the office, tonight I had an appointment with one of the Partners. I was going to host one of them in my own home. I would be available to be used in whatever way he wished, and in front of my husband. I felt like a whore. Effectively that was the service that I was providing. I was a whore. I couldn’t believe how much of a turn on it was.

It was to be Dave. Dave had licked my pussy in the office during the day, but left me short of an orgasm, wanting more. He was a player, a real hit with the ladies. He was single and had lots of female companions. I felt the competition. I decided to go all out for Dave in what I wore.

I was amazed how calm I was. I wanted to feel nervous. I wanted to feel some guilt, just something that said that I had some reservations, that as a normal wife it was not that simple to just give yourself to another man to be used for their sexual pleasure, particularly not in front of your husband. There was nothing, only excitement. I felt so wet thinking about it.

I had worked out what I would wear on the way home from the office. I had lots of sexy gear that Steve and I had purchased for our use over the years. He loved me dressing like a slut. I decided on a black body hugging strapless see through teddy (black was my favorite color – so sexy), a metal collar, and black boots. When I wore the metal collar at home Steve would spank me and whip me while I sucked his cock. I loved playing that little game – the master and his submissive wife.

The cup of the teddy was a half-cup, so my tits were fully exposed and pushed up and out, and the bottom was in a G-string shape showing off my arse. It was my sexiest garment. I also went heavy on eye-shadow and bright red lipstick to accentuate my lips. I wanted to highlight the lips that his cock would be sliding between. Fuck, I felt turned-on.

I came downstairs and walked over to where Steve was sitting. With my back to him I bent over, pulled the bottom of the teddy aside and said, ‘do you like the slutplug’? I was in love with it by now. Dave had labelled it my slutplug when he saw it in my arse in the office. I had told Steve all about it when recounting my day. ‘You’re going to blow Dave’s mind’ he said. That was not the only thing of Dave’s I was going to blow.

We were sitting having a drink (some Dutch courage) when the doorbell rang. ‘I’ll get it’ I said to Steve with a look of excitement that must have been obvious to him. I couldn’t wait to see Dave’s reaction when he saw me. I was such an exhibitionist.

I opened the door and there stood Dave looking immaculate in a suit and tie. ‘Fuck Lisa’ he said, ‘you look so fucking hot’. Dave stood there frozen, looking at me. The ultimate lady’s man was lost for words. I felt very pleased with myself. I could see the bulge in his pants. He had gone to some trouble to look the part too. It made me feel very good that he was so obviously trying to impress.

I closed the door, looked down at his groin, and said ‘would sir like me to take care of that’. It just came out. I loved giving men the power over me. ‘Sir most definitely would’ he said, regaining his composure. I got down on my knees, undid his fly and felt his bulge through a very sexy G-string covering his manhood. It was very impressive. I looked up at him and smiled approvingly. Men love to think their dicks are special. They are so easy to play.

I licked the front of the G-string along the shaft of his penis and put my hand inside his pants and cupped his balls in the palm of my hand. I then pulled the G-string aside and released his equipment, both his cock and his balls. There he was in all his manly glory. Like Tony, he was nicely groomed.

I splashed my tongue over the underside of his smooth scrotum. ‘That’s fucking fantastic’ he said. ‘I’m glad you like it sir’. The feeling of being on my knees with a suited-up man’s cock in my mouth – how I love it. It brought out my submissive streak.

I licked his balls and sucked them before running the tip of my tongue along the shaft of his penis. It was not quite as big as Tony’s but very impressive nonetheless. I made love to it with my mouth. I licked it gently, taking it all in, before positioning my slutty red lips at the knob and kissing it, leaving a little smudge of lipstick behind.

After kissing it all the way down, and then back up again, I opened my mouth and simply looked at Dave. I wanted him to take the lead now. I wanted him to make me his slut. He didn’t disappoint.

Dave held the back of my head and slowly pushed his shaft inside my mouth. ‘Suck it slut’ he said. I was able to take his complete length, opening my throat to accommodate him. ‘That’s fucking amazing Lisa’, he said. I felt very proud. I was there to please him. I had measured up.

He slid his cock in and out of my mouth. He was fucking my mouth. I reveled in it. I had come to find cock so intoxicating, the look, the taste, the smell, the feel of it on my tongue. I just couldn’t get enough of it. And I loved a man using it as a symbol of his power over me.

Dave removed his cock from my mouth, lifted me up so I was facing him, then grabbed my chin firmly and kissed me deeply. I wondered what Steve was thinking, seeing his wife in a passionate embrace with another man. The kiss lingered, our tongues entwined, Steve sitting there watching. Dave was putting on a show that was clearly directed at my husband.

Dave looked piercingly into my eyes, his hand still cupping my chin and said, ‘tell me, what are you Lisa’? I knew what he wanted to hear. ‘I am a slut sir, I am your slut tonight sir’ I said. He then put his fingers on my collar and said, ‘you want to be spanked don’t you, you want to be my whore, isn’t that right. Why else would you have worn this collar’? ‘Yes sir, I am your slave whore, please spank me’ I responded meekly and submissively.

How I love a good spanking!

Dave removed all his clothing. He had a fantastic muscular torso. I ran my hands down his chest. I wondered whether Steve would be getting jealous. He was in good shape too, but Dave had him covered. Dave led me by the collar into the lounge room and sat on the couch. ‘Get over my knee slut’ he said firmly. ‘Yes sir’ I responded.

As soon as I did, he undid the clips between my legs and lifted the bottom of the teddy above my waist. I could feel my pubic mound on top of the shaft of his cock. He then ran his hands over my buttocks. It sent shivers through me. I was feeling very sexy and submissive.

‘Great arse your wife has Steve’ he said. ‘One of the best’ Steve responded. I felt very proud and sexy. I loved my arse. Men could never resist looking at it. In fact, I got plenty of compliments from women too. I could see Steve, and he looked to be enjoying the show. That sent a shiver of excitement through me. I knew he loved sharing me, but now he was watching.

‘Open your legs slut’ said Dave. The Lisa bit was gone. That just added to my excitement and arousal. It was what I wanted. Dave’s hands went between my legs and he felt my wetness. ‘This slut loves it’ he said to Steve. ‘I’m about to spank her and she is wet through. You want it don’t you slut’. ‘Yes sir I do, I know I deserve it’ I said in my most submissive voice.

Dave ran his fingers over my slutplug. ‘Love this, the ultimate in submission. Let’s see how submissive she really is’. Dave then proceeded to give me a thorough spanking, harder than anything Steve had ever administered. I loved it, although it stung like hell. I looked at my husband as Dave punished my naked arse. I winced as he struck me. I was really getting off on being punished by another man with my husband watching. I had effectively given myself to this other man, and my husband was nothing other than an observer with no power to stop it.

Dave pushed me off his lap and stood up. He told me to stand up and remove the teddy. All that remained was the collar and boots. I knew I looked sexy and hot. The collar had been a great idea. It made me look submissive. That is how I felt. ‘Lay back on the couch slut, spread your legs and let me finish off what I started today’ he said. ‘Yes sir’ I responded, with enthusiasm.

Dave turned around to Steve and said, ‘watch this, you are about to see the world’s expert in eating pussy, and that is one beautiful pussy your wife has. I sampled it today’.

I lay back and opened my legs wide in anticipation, moisture dripping from my wet, open cunt. It must have been a sight. Steve looked very turned on, so much so that he said to Dave, ‘would you like a drink while we sit here and admire my wife’. ‘Great idea Steve’ he said.

The boys enjoyed a drink while watching me on display. I loved the exhibitionist element. ‘Play with it slut’ said Dave. I looked at their faces. They were in awe looking at me. I was loving them looking at my wet, open pussy. I lay back on the couch, legs wide open like a true slut, and moved two fingers in and out while playing with my clitoris. I got even wetter. My pussy was glistening. I put both hands inside my vagina and stretched it open it to show them. ‘Do you like’ I said.

Dave put down and his drink and came straight over to me. He clearly wanted me. He was so erect. ‘First we had better remove this, I need access to your arsehole. You won’t believe the pleasure you’re going to get when I put my fingers in there’ he said. I just about came at the thought. Dave put his fingers around the base of my slutplug and eased it out slowly. I felt so empty. I wanted something back in there. What a slut!

Dave started licking and gently sucking my breasts and nipples. It is amazing how the nipples seem to be wired to the clitoris when they are treated in the right manner. Dave already had me. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

Steve came over and handed Dave a tube of lubricant. He was helping the man he was sharing me with. I fucking loved that! Dave applied it to his fingers and lubricated me, not that I really needed it, but I always loved the feeling of lubrication. He then started gently rubbing my clitoris in an up and down motion. It felt sensational. He pulled the lips of my vagina together and repeated the same up and down motion with his tongue. I was already moaning with my eyes shut. He placed his hand on my pubic mound and rubbed it as he continued to lick my closed vaginal lips up and down. This guy knew what he was doing.

He then started a circular motion around the head of my clitoris with his tongue. Whilst doing so he gently inserted two fingers inside my pussy. It was ecstasy. He went from a circling motion to flicking his tongue horizontally across my clitoris, and then back and forward between the circular and the horizontal motions, increasing the intensity, then backing it off. His expertise in varying the speed and force was amazing. This was cunnilingus 101.

He was going out of his way to please me. He wanted to show my husband that he was the master at it. He was an arrogant show off. I was the beneficiary of that arrogance. I loved it.

Dave removed his fingers from my pussy and then gently eased them into my anus. He had his palm pointing upwards. As he did so he kept up the technique on my clitoris with his tongue. ‘Don’t stop’ I begged him, ‘please don’t stop, that’s fucking amazing’. I was so close to having the best orgasm of my life. ‘Put another finger in my arse, I want three’ I begged. I loved anal play. It made me feel so dirty and slutty.

I was now grunting and moaning and begging him not to stop, ready to explode, when I felt the fingers in my arse hit the G-spot on the upper wall of my vagina. I screamed. The look on my face must have told Dave that I was almost there. That gave Dave, who clearly was an expert at this, the signal to finish me off. He did so by administering one long up and down motion to my clitoris with his tongue.

That was it, I erupted into one of the best and longest orgasms I had ever experienced in my life. I screamed and yelled and begged him to stop, trying to close my legs. I was just too sensitive to touch. Dave tortured me and licked me again. ‘Please stop’ I screamed, a scream of absolute orgasmic delight. Dave withdrew his fingers from my arse, which was not easy as my anus was now clenched shut, so sensitive was it from the orgasm that had taken over my body.

Dave looked into my eyes. I started whimpering. He leant forward and kissed me as the orgasm continued ripping through me. It hit me in waves. I thought it was never going to stop.

He kissed me passionately. I just opened my mouth. I had no control over any part of my body and my tongue didn’t move. He just kissed my open mouth. I didn’t even think about how my husband felt watching all this. My focus was on me, on my own pleasure.

Dave stood up, leaving me curled up on the couch, legs clenched together trying to come down. My body was shaking. I was in post orgasmic ecstasy. It was an amazing experience. Dave walked over to Steve who had his cock in his hand, such was his excitement in watching Dave bring me to the most incredible, lasting orgasm, and said, ‘I think I have earned a drink’. ‘He looked over at me and said, ‘have I earned a drink Lisa’? I just nodded my head. I was incapable of words.

I looked at Steve and I detected a touch of jealousy. I quite liked that.

I then remembered that my job was to give Dave an orgasm, something I had not done yet. After I regained my composure, I looked at him and said breathlessly ‘what would you like now sir, you can have anything you want’. ‘I love your pussy Lisa, get on your hands and knees and let me fuck it’. He then said to Steve, ‘why don’t you sit on the couch in front of Lisa’s face? I give her permission to give you a great blowjob while I fuck her. It makes her look like more of a slut getting it from both ends and I like that’. I liked it too.

Dave was playing a power game, making it clear he was in charge of me. I loved the game he was playing with my husband. I loved him offering my mouth to my husband as if it was his to give.

Steve wasn’t going to say no. He stripped off and sat on the couch with his erect cock right in front of me. The head was covered in pre-cum. He was obviously very turned on watching his slut of a wife in action with another man. I licked it all off. I felt like such a slut. It felt so good. It was right. I then took his manhood into my mouth and bobbed my head up and down slowly, using his pre-cum as lubricant. It was fucking heavenly.

I was concentrating on that when I felt Dave put his cock inside me. He went all the way in with one thrust. It felt amazing and I squealed as I felt it go in. He fucked me very hard with his hands squeezing my butt cheeks. I must have been so wet and open. He fucked me so vigorously that it was all I could do to keep Steve’s cock in my mouth. Dave was clearly super aroused. I loved that.

It didn’t take long before he came inside me. It felt so incredibly arousing having another man’s cock spasming inside my cunt while I fellated my husband. It felt so much dirtier that I let another man do that in front of my husband.

‘You dirty fucking slut Lisa’ Dave screamed as he orgasmed inside me, ‘next time I am going to fuck you up that sweet little arsehole’. ‘I would like that sir’ I responded. I loved him talking dirty to me. I was a whore to be used. That’s what I was there for.

As Dave pulled out, I felt cum run down the inside of my legs. I shut my legs to retain the rest. ‘Let it all flow out slut’ he said. I looked around at Dave and said, ‘I promised Steve sloppy seconds sir, he has have never had that from me before. Would that be ok’? Dave looked at Steve who still had his cock in front of my face, and said, ‘all yours mate, go for it’.

Steve knelt behind me and pushed his cock into my cunthole, my legs still together. ‘Fuck that’s amazing, I can’t feel anything in there other than cum’ he said. There is a law of displacement, and as Steve fucked me and my legs opened slightly from the force of the fucking he was giving me, I felt some of Dave’s cum start to seep from me and run down my legs.

As Steve fucked me it made a filthy swishing, slopping sound. It should have been embarrassing. It wasn’t. I got off on it and I came at hearing the sound. Steve came too. He had been almost there when I was fellating him, so he was never going to last long. I think the sound and feel of my abused cunt, full of another man’s semen was just too much for him. He came inside me like a volcano, another one.

As Steve was coming, I felt that law of displacement kick in, and cum ran down my legs escaping from my overflowing cunt. ‘Take it out Steve and let’s see the slut put on a show for us’ said Dave. ‘Push it all out’ he said, ‘show us what a slut you are’. I pushed and I felt Dave and Steve’s cum run out of my open cunt down my legs and onto the floor. It was the lava from the volcano’s that had erupted inside me. It must have looked so fucking dirty. It felt magnificent. I loved putting on the full slut show. I couldn’t believe how much I got off on it. I felt like a porn star. Now there’s a thought!

When it finally stopped Dave said, ‘you have made a real mess slut, better clean it up’. I looked at him quizzically and he said, ‘yes with your tongue’. I didn’t need to be asked again. I was in true slut mode and what a slutty thing to do. I was becoming a porn star for the two men. I dropped my head to the timber floor in front of the couch and licked up every drop. There was so much of it that it took quite some time. Every now and then I would look up at the two men, my audience, open my mouth to show them their cum, and then swallow.

‘You are one dirty slut Lisa’ said Dave, ‘who would have known’. I looked at him and said, ‘thank you sir, I am a woman of hidden talents’. I had just reacted as if being called a dirty slut was a compliment. At that moment it was. ‘I told you I was good’ he said arrogantly. His arrogance turned me on. He could use me anytime.

Dave said his goodbyes, and thanked Steve for allowing him to use me. There it was again, the man thanking the man for letting him use his property, his wife. It was so deliciously humiliating. It turned me on no end. I loved the feeling of being owned and shared.

Steve turned to me and said, ‘wow, that was awesome sweetheart, you were awesome, what a performance. I could get used to watching that’.

‘I love that you got to watch, I get more turned on having you watch, in fact I have discovered that I love being watched. Let’s have a drink and then I am going to take you upstairs and finish with something special that I know you love’ I said.

After about 20 minutes Dave and I went upstairs to the bedroom, and as we got up there I smiled at him and said, ‘I need to pee’. A huge smile came over Steve’s face. He told me to squat over the toilet bowl so he could watch it all. It was a very erotic position to do it in.

As the piss flowed from my open cunt Steve placed his hand under my hole. I pissed and pissed, and Steve let it all run through his fingers. He loved doing that. I’m sure there was some cum there too. After I finished, he put his fingers to my mouth and said, ‘suck them slut’. He then bent down between my legs and licked me clean with his tongue. He was licking my open cunt which another man had cum in, after I had just taken a piss. Wow!

I felt so horny with him licking my piss drenched cunt. Steve jumped into bed and I laid next to him. We kissed each other deeply. I then moved my head down to where his half erect penis was begging for some attention. How to get it rock-hard again? I knew the answer.

‘Did you like sharing your slut of a wife with another man? Did you like fucking me with my cunt full of another man’s cum? Were you jealous of him licking your wife to an earth-shattering orgasm? Maybe I should get him around more often to do it, be his slut whenever he wants, do anything for him so he will please me. Would you like that’ I said?

It worked. Steve came again as he masturbated. He loved me talking dirty, only this time it was for real. I took his cock into my mouth as he came. I looked at him and slowly let the cum dribble from the sides of my mouth. ‘Is that what sluts do’ I said. I let it run down my body and over my tits’. ‘It sure is’ he responded with a look of immense satisfaction on his face.

It was only Monday. I had four more nights to go.


Ms Yuna


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