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My Top 4 Famous Love Story Books That Make You Believe in Love

Below are a list of four must read romantic novels that just make us want to fall in love. Over and over again.

1. The Notebook

One of the most famous love story books of all time, The Notebook is a heart warming and a heart breaking contemporary love story that is set in pre and post World War II era. Noah and Allie meet at a carnival and spend the beautiful summer together falling in love. But the socio-economic differences between the families tear them apart. Years later after Allie gets engaged to a charming young lawyer Lon Hammond, Allie met Noah, and their passion is rekindled. This beautiful tale is about Noah reading their love story to Allie who lies in her death bed suffering from a mental disease. It is a tragedy that is so overwhelming that it will just break the heart into pieces and fill one’s eyes with hopeful tears.

2. A Walk To Remember

A small town in North Carolina where a popular and troubled group of students get busted is the premise of one of the most famous love story novels ever. As punishment, they have to participate in high school’s Spring play. And then the paths of Landon Carter (the charming and the most popular boy at school) and Jamie Sullivan (the shy and ethereal daughter of the town’s Baptist minister) intersect. Spending hours and days with Jamie, Landon slowly begins to fall in love with her, learning to fathom the depth of human heart, and the joys and pains of life. In the truest sense Landon experiences what true love feels like. But like all tragedies, the inevitable happens. This book ought to take one on a romantic roller coaster where the joys of being on the top are the most treasured. But the unstoppable fall in the pool of reality is absolutely scary and devastating.

3. The Time Traveller’s Wife

This romantic drama is about a Chicago librarian, Henry, who has the genetic disadvantage of time traveling involuntarily. When Henry meets the beautiful Clare, they decide to go for a romantic dinner when Clare confesses that she has been in love with him since she was six. Being a time traveller, Henry too confesses about meeting her several times, and soon falls in love with her. Clare knows who Henry is, and they decide to get married. It is after their wedding when Henry unexpectedly begins to time travel often, and returns with in-depth knowledge about their future, things being to get a little difficult for Clare. This beautiful love story teaches one to be patient and understanding. When the story slowly unfolds, the pain and inevitable truth of their lives take over one’s emotions, as only famous love story books have the ability to make happen!

4. The History Of Love

This book is a vibrantly imagined and emotionally wrenching fiction ever written. This story reflects on how the lives of different people living in parallel universe intertwine. It is a beautifully constructed, astounding, moving tale of a Polish man in the USA, a pretty teenage girl, and a grieving widow. The author flawlessly pulls them together into a beautiful and a striking coherence of love. The book was a 2006 finalist for the Orange Prize for Fiction.

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