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Naughty SEX Tricks To Try On Your Partner

Love does help with all that oxytocin, we can help some more. Here’s a list of seven naughty things you can do to spice things up with your boo. They’re not crazy hardcore, so even newbie couples can try them.

1. No Warning Dominatrix

He’ll never see you coming. Okay, maybe you can decide if you want him to. But this is the plan- get a pair of handcuffs, and blindfolds if you feel like it , and wait for your poor unsuspecting victim to get home from work. As soon as he gets home, slap on those handcuffs, and get dominating. You don’t have to get to the sex right away, you can just have him as your slave and lead up to it. It helps if you check his mood first, like, text him and see if he’s in a good mood or not, without giving the game away. Oh, and, wear something super slutty. Girls may not take to resistance sex too well but guys love it.

2. Boner One-Sexts

So you’ll have to channel your inner sex god for this one. The idea is to text him this one text that’s so dirty, he gets a boner just reading it. So obviously it has to be filthy and sexy and very visually directive, all at once. It’s a great idea to text him at a time/place he is ideally not supposed to get a boner. And then melt his brains to sex-mush.

3. Very Suggestive Clothing/Lingerie

You know what I’m talking about, the ones with negative spaces and openings in all the right/wrong places. Couple the attire with bunny ears or a tail or something. If it’s just the two of you at home, then make him do a double take, or like what Sharon Stone did to a million guys. And be all innocent and dumb about it.

For added schadenfreude, dress up as someone on his would-bang list, or his favourite character. Or get really mean, and role play that character, like you’re black widow and you just woke up in this weird guy’s house, and you have a creepy chemistry with him. Bonus points if you don’t break character.

4. Have Foreplay In Strange Places

Okay, not in broad daylight, but like at a dark nightclub, in the corner. It doesn’t have to be full-on foreplay. Just touching and teasing is fine; the point is to try something new. Younger couples have already given the approval stamp at movie theatres and parks, and beaches at night.

5. Code Pig Sex

It’s code for all manners of defilement. It’s the beginner’s first baby step to good sex. Most couples just do the traditional, and don’t know how to ask/go about getting into the really intimately nasty stuff. Well, pig sex is how you start.

If one of you calls pig sex, you both have to give yourselves a time span, say an hour, to do whatever you want to, to yourself and each other, no holds barred, mostly, preferably at that moment, or for anytime in that one hour that you call for it, only. Have a safe word, in case he suddenly tries to jump your ass, or you plan to put something up his. But other than that, only safe word, no other rules, or you’ll never know what he’s really into.

You’d normally text the words code pig sex or pig sex now, or whatever, and boom, the excitement builds from that very minute. And it’s got a time span, and there’s no rain-check option. Oh and apart from texting the phrase pig sex, you can’t say anything except the most basic details, like when and where. And the one who called pig sex gets to bring whatever he/she wants with them.

6. BJ teases

The key is to do it or say you will be doing it, without him asking first. You can tell him to keep it sweet for you or something like that. Or have a code phrase for blow.

You can actually ask him to clean up down there, like a tease, or say you wanna shower with him, and then do it. Guys like the feeling of dominion and superiority they feel when getting head, and it’s like Christmas when the girl volunteers to do it before he says anything.

7. Visuals/Peep Shows

Guys are dominants I guess, or maybe that comes with the ‘territory’. But yeah, voyeurism is a big ‘yaasss’ with guys. And you and sex, plus you doing the sex stuff, and all of you, make for a heady combination. So whatever it is, a strip tease, or a pose show, or you playing your ukulele, while he gets to see lots of you, works.

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