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The first time that she saw Jamie, she wanted him and she did not even know it. It was not until the third time that she met him, and he looked at her that she realized that anything was there for her and she still didn’t think about making anything out of it.

He was not her type; Jamie was none of her check marks. None of the things that she wanted for herself, none of the things that she wanted in a partner.

But when Jamie looked at her, she was mesmerized. Mesmerized by the color of his eyes and the intensity of his gaze. She hadn’t expected that intensity, or for it to have such an effect on her, and it seared her memory.

It was easy for her to continue their flirtation as they became part of each other’s social circle, and then later friends, but then maybe this was because she did not expect anything. When there was no expectation, it was effortless to be totally at ease with him. When Jamie asked her out to dinner, she never assumed he was asking her out on a date, and this time was no different; it just seemed like they were just going to hang out.

But after this meal, as they were saying goodbyes, Jamie pulled her close to him and kissed her cheek affectionately; and, for the first time, Florentine realized she wanted him to kiss her lips, desperately. Where had that feeling come from? She tilted her head up toward him with a pout, expecting him to kiss her other cheek as well. Instead, Jamie suddenly shifted his hands to her hips and pulled her close to him, his lips now firmly upon hers.

Just that simple contact made her knees suddenly weak, while deep within her body began to ache for him. She groped him without thinking, and felt his desire…not between his legs. But in the way that he responded to her touch.

‘You’re so sexy, you are going to get me in trouble…’ he said into her hair.

‘Why?’ she looked up at him, silhouetted by the full moon beyond him.

‘Because you are making it hard for me to be a gentleman Flo…’ No one ever called her Flo. Everyone called her Florentine, and his use of the cute diminutive had always seemed more reason for her to not take him seriously. But, for the first time in her life, she was going to listen to her body and do what her body wanted.

Her body wanted Jamie.

‘I never asked you to be a gentleman…’ she purred against his chest.

Jamie kissed her again, and she put her hands on his chest, half swooning from his growing passion.

‘Be careful what you don’t ask for…’ he whispered in her ear.

Florentine chuckled, and quieted as he squeezed the side of her breast tenderly. She let her hand slip in the back of his pants.

‘Come home with me…’ he said.

Nodding into his chest, Florentine nibbled at his ear and neck with impatience, very happy to distract him from his phone as he ordered a car. Then they waited in the dark, kissing against the wall kissing like horny teenagers who were only just trying to hide.

The driver looked at her appreciatively as she climbed in. She liked that; she liked that Jamie could see that other people wanted her. He put his hand on her thigh as he joined her on the backseat, barely waiting for the car to rejoin traffic before he slipped that hand just under her skirt and began kissing her again like they had kissed before.

As they tumbled into his bed, she found herself totally without inhibition, and Jamie worshipped her body with his mouth like she was the only woman in the world. Any of her vulnerabilities were soothed by his attentions as he made her feel a pleasure like she hadn’t experienced for far too long. Her best toys didn’t hold a candle to the sensation that he made her feel; the weight of him, and the way that he filled her. Her eyes watered at the pleasure of the fullness of him inside her.

Florentine fell asleep beside him easily, not thinking for a moment about sneaking out to avoid an awkward morning-after. He pulled her into him, and curled over her body as he kissed her neck.

When she woke up the sun was coming up, and Florentine’s breath caught. She was still in his arms, and his embrace had not slackened. When she shifted, he settled her closer to him. So she closed her eyes, and went back to sleep.

After that, it seemed two days couldn’t go by that they didn’t find themselves in each other’s beds, engulfed in passionate ecstasy she had forgotten she would even experience. She was beyond blissed out that she was with him; never having imagined that she would want something like that with him, but now unable to see herself without it.

‘You can leave stuff here, you know? I cleared out a drawer for you and got some toiletries for you. I got a guest toothbrush.’

Exhausted after a mid-afternoon quickie, Florentine’s half-closed eyes were suddenly wide.

‘I mean now that we are together all of the time. I just wanted to make you feel at home.’

Her eyes widened even more, and Jamie looked at her with a combination of confusion and surprise.

He was naked and beautiful, telling her that he was making room for her in his life when she never even considered that she really wanted him in her life. Her body was perfumed with his sweat, and she could smell their lovemaking high between her legs.

Jamie had serious bedhead, and he looked so kind. And he wanted her. He was everything she wanted, because she hadn’t wanted it. Rather than embarking on a purely practical relationship that marked the end of romance, she was being romanced like she never had been before, by a man who she did not even think she could ever be serious about.

Why had her list not included tenderness, warmth, and character? What he had was modest, but he had a lot of pride in it. He cooked her dinner, and it was better than dinner at the fancy restaurants that her dates usually took her too. And for all his lack of cockiness, he was able to tune her body like the fine machine it was.

‘You’re too lovely to me,’ she said, looking down bashfully.

‘I just want to be more than just lovely to you.’

She let him take her in his arms, and she realized far from the end of romance, it was the very beginning…

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