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Romantic Love Letters: A Collection Of 5 Intimate Love Letters

We have lined up a few of the choicest romantic love letters.

You can write your version of one of these gems to your lady and let her know how special she is for you. Read on and enjoy!

Sample Letter #1

My Dear Sweet Tammy, I thought I would let you know that my love for you is burning very brightly this afternoon. My heart longs for you. It longs to leap at the sound of your voice and be filled with joy by your smile. My heart longs for your love, respect and adoration. My heart longs to be warmed when I hold you in my arms. It wishes to feel the passion as I caress your face, stare into your beautiful eyes and tenderly kiss you. My heart longs to see our love for one another grow as we sit on the couch and talk. My heart longs to express my love for you as I gently rub your leg while we talk. My heart longs to be calmed and comforted as I lovingly kiss and caress your bare arms. My heart longs for me to cup your face and draw you in for a tender, loving and passionate kiss! It longs to feel the sensual passion and desire as we feed each other grapes. My heart longs to express its desire as I tenderly and lovingly touch you. It longs for me to feel the love and desire of your gentle touch. My heart longs to experience the sensual passion between us. My heart longs to feel the love and joy of us cuddling and snuggling close. I adore you my love. With all the love of my tender heart, Tim

It is one of those heart-whelming and adorable romantic love letters to your wife that you can take inspiration from to write to your love showing your ardent passion and love for her. The writer has taken into account the personal details and the intimacy he shares with his partner which adds to the romance and sweetness of this letter.

Sample Letter #2

My Dear Sandra, Thank you so much for lifting my spirits this afternoon with a quick phone call. My heart is overflowing with love for you. I miss you desperately. Sandra, I care for you with all my heart. I adore you with all my heart. I have cherished and adored all that you have shared with me, the gentle touch of your hands, your warm hugs, your loving and sensual kisses, and the feel of your soft and smooth skin, the thrill of holding your hand. I am amazed at what you do to my heart. Sweetheart, I long for you. I long to see your love and adoration in your eyes for me. I long to feel the comfort and peace of your loving arms and the sensual passion of your kisses. I long to to feel the love and desire of your tender touch. I long to swim in the warm, gentle sea of your love, to be surrounded by it, to be enveloped in it, to draw strength from it. I long to hold you close and never let you go. With all the love of a longing heart, Alex

Tell your beloved how much you miss her and how eager you are to start a new life with your sweetheart through romantic love letters, like a proper lover would. You can take inspiration on how to write a romantic letter to your partner by following the hints and cues shown in the sample romantic love letter.

Sample Letter #3

Becky, I adore you. I long to hold you close to me. I feel such warmth and comfort when I am in your arms. I am relaxed and content when we sit on the couch and talk. My heart is at peace when we lay on the floor and cuddle. My heart quivers when you touch my face and my passion flows when you touch my lips. I get immense pleasure from gently touching your face and feel tremendous yearning and passion when I touch your lips. I long to be near you. I want nothing more than to be close to you. With a passionate affection, George

If you are away from your partner for a while and miss her terribly, you can let her know about your anguish and how much you long for her company by writing a few romantic love letters to express your feelings. For ideas and hints on how to go on with it, take some inspiration from the sample letter given above.

Sample Letter #4

My Beloved Sara, I am so glad you are back. You just have no idea how much I missed you! My arms missed holding you. My ears missed the sound of your laugh. I missed the smell of your hair and the taste of your lips. I missed your head resting on my chest. I missed snuggling close to you in front of the fireplace. I missed looking at you across the couch as I rub your leg. I missed brushing back your hair, exposing your neck to loving and tender kisses. I missed holding your face in my hand and staring into your beautiful eyes. I missed being held by you. I missed being near you. I missed you. With love from a longing heart, Reed

Wishing to meet your girlfriend soon but can’t tempt her enough? Why don’t you write her a couple of romantic love letters along with those romantic love sms for her, expressing how much you love her and cherish her company? If you are worried about how to go on with the letter, you can take a hint from the sample letter given above and enjoy the experience.

Sample Letter #5

Beloved Zoe, I simply adore you! You are the only woman I can be with. You make me feel loved and worthy of love. I have missed much in life because I did not have a companion. You are the companion that I have wanted for so long. You are the woman that I long to share life’s adventures with. You are the perfect friend that I long to share my innermost secrets with. You are the loving and supporting friend to me. I strive to be the same for you. I long to help you carry life’s burdens and lovingly encourage you as you stretch out to be all that you can be. I love to sit across the couch from you. I long to share the intimacy of talking from the heart. I feel that I have had so much love to give and that it has been bottled up inside me for so very long. No one has been interested in opening the bottle and seeing what was inside. You have not only been willing and interested but you have joyfully been surrounded and enveloped in the love that flows from my heart. You inspire and fully embrace the romantic man inside me. You are the woman that welcomes me with a big, warm smile with your arms outstretched. You are the woman that loves and longs for my warm hugs. You look at me with eyes full of love when I touch your face and look into your beautiful eyes. You warmly welcome my loving kiss. You are the woman that I long to love until the end of my days. Love You. Greg

Surprise your love by writing her this amazing romantic love letter and rekindle the fire in your relationship. If you are missing her a lot, you can let her know that too through this letter of love and romance. Start writing your romantic love letters now.


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