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Said She Needed A Cuddle Buddy, He Didn’t get it

Said She Needed A Cuddle Buddy, He Didn’t get it

“First year of university, I got close to my friend when we were both cast for a musical. At parties we’d ‘cuddle’ up together (more like non-platonically leaning/sitting on each other) and even made jokes that we would inevitably be together. I remember testing the waters by sending him a Snapchat that said something along the lines of ‘I need a cuddle buddy’ to which he replied with ‘get a teddy bear’ and I decided to let it go. We kept hanging out, though I didn’t make another move until one party where some of our friends (who apparently had been trying to convince him that I WAS attracted to him) dared us to make out (ooh, so bad ass).

That was that until after the party we went back to campus (we both lived on res) and he invited me over to his dorm to make bacon. Straightup bacon. At 3 in the morning. Anyways we were both still a little tipsy and started making out again, pretty hardcore this time. I eventually told him to ‘walk me back to my dorm room 😏’ and the dope replied with ‘but… It’s cold outside. ‘After a little more of that I was like ‘omg do you want to get laid or not?’ ‘seriously?? I didn’t think you liked me back.’ Even during the dirty deed he asked me again ‘so you actually like me right?'”

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