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Sex Parties the Real Story behind it.

Sex parties get a bad rap right out of the gate just because of their name. It sounds a lot like a cesspool for diseases and a meeting spot for possible “shady” people. We think this is a incredibly biased survey sample.

A good sex party has a strict set of rules that keeps a level a comfort and keeps your far away from the creepy orgy environment most of you readers are envisioning right now. Karley Sciortino gives a vivid detail of her sex party escapade. She talks about the different types of attendees (swingers, open relationshipers, and polyamory). She also describes the party attendees as classy, courteous and very attentive to the “rules”.

A sex party is what you think, people do go to have sex with other people and they do have sex in front of other people. Not everyone has sex, some people just go to hang out. It’s not a dirty cesspool of STDs, there shouldn’t be drugs, and it’s nothing like a mid-century brothel. The same risks are involved when you start up a new relationship with a new partner, you’re relying on that person being open and honest and telling the truth about their bill of health.

In order to have a safe sex party, it’s important to establish a set of rules, not only for the party goers, but also between you and your significant other if you aren’t attending solo.

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