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Sex With The Ex: To Do Or Not To Do?!

Remember that one ex who still make you go weak in the knees or dizzy for a while when you bump into him/her by chance? Does not matter how the relationship sucked but if the sex was good, then you have all the reasons to feel like reigniting the fire and trying to hook up just for the fun of it and to enjoy the moment.

Even if you you were emotionally drained in that relationship, if the physical chemistry was sizzling, then there must be some weird attraction in some corner of your mind. But what are the risks of hooking up with your ex, and especially when it is only for some lustful intentions? What if you get emotionally involved with that person again which was the last thing on your mind? Will it be a rejuvenating experience or a disastrous one? Let us take the pros and cons of sex with the ex.

Sex With The Ex, Should You Take That Plunge?

Sex with the ex is always a bad idea. It is bound to be a disaster, especially when you are trying to be friends with each other and maintain a cordial relationship sans emotions. If you bring sex into the equation, it is sure going to ruin the balance and throw you two off the charts for sure. Being physically involved in a satisfying encounter that will release happy hormones in your body which will only complicate the thoughts in your mind about how you actually feel about that person.

There is a high chance of again getting emotionally attached with the person which totally makes no point of going through all that hardship that you went through to break up and move on in your life. You will be pulling yourself again in that mess which you wanted so hard to avoid and did everything possible to keep away from.

But if you can assure yourself that you will not be emotionally attached and that if both of you knowingly get into the deal without the fear of being a burden on the other or getting hurt if the other just wanted the physical intimacy, then maybe you can go for sex with the ex. But are you sure that you will not end up stirring feelings in your heart and that of the other doing this?

When Is It A Good Idea?

Going for the booty call with your ex can be a good idea if sex with the ex was too good to forget and both of you are single and not responsible for hurting the emotions of others attached to you. If you can play a fair game and keep the emotions in check, then going ahead with having sex with your ex is not a very bad idea and you can actually get on with it to relieve that pent up sexual frustrations.

After all, it is going to be an awesome experience if you had a good physical chemistry in the past. Both of you are aware of the each other’s pleasure points and there is no reason to woo each other again just to get laid. You can cut all the crap and come to the point, and just head on with the business at hand, and relax. If no guilt is involved, it can be a very satisfying experience without you going through the turmoil of wooing a person from scratch just to get the sinful pleasures of life.

When To Absolutely Avoid Such Scenario?

If you have moved on in life and now are dating or seriously involved with someone else, a chance encounter with your ex should not get ahead any further. In fact, if any of you two are involved with someone and planning the future, hooking up with that ex is going to be disastrous and serious injustice towards that innocent person who loves you genuinely. There is no reason to play with fire and if you get involved emotionally with your ex, then it is only going to complicate the matter further, ruining lives of many people at the same time, because of your lack of judgement and self control.

What Can You Expect Out Of It?

If you can keep your emotions in control and indulge in just the pleasure part of it, then it can be a great experience as the familiarity and the fact that you both know each other’s preferences so well that there is no room for confusions or any mistake. You are aware of the moods and likes of the other and it does not take trials and errors to figure out things.

But, and of course, there is a but! What if any of you two get emotionally involved and there is no option of rekindling the relationship as you both know it was a painful experience and you do not want to go there and be in that state again? It is a slippery ground and you have high chances of taking a fall if you go ahead with this. Expect to get hurt and bruised emotionally again.

The Final Verdict!

Hooking up with your ex remains a no-no scenario until you definitely know you can handle it and you have confidence in yourself that you will not be at the receiving end of pain and hurt again. So, tread with care, and keep your heart locked!

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