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I stood in the doorway to our master bedroom, watching. Farah’s hands gripped the headboard so tightly. Framed by her curly, black hair, her face was grimaced. I knew she liked what was happening though. She was seriously enjoying being fucked hard by the man on top. No remorse for her.

Her legs were wrapped around his waist, ankles clasped him to keep a hold. Her toes were painted a bright pink. Her lovely dark breasts bounced back and forth, round and round, with each thrust. I love those tits. Always have. Her breasts are a shade brown with dark sparkles surrounding them. Her nipples are large and they stiffen if sex is possible.

Every so often during this episode, I glimpsed her ass. It scrunched together and relaxed, then scrunched again. And with her wide-open legs, I could see the pussy that was full of his dick.

He was doing things right. Farah rarely made a sound when she was getting fucked. This guy though had her grunting. She even ooh’ed during the escapade. Usually, her eyes would close when things heated up, then she would open them to watch the reactions of the person above her. Now, her eyes were shut tight. Each thrust of his contorted her face. Her upper lip curled into a snarl. Then, with the next thrust, her eyebrows would arch high in joy as if it were her birthday. Then the snarl returned.

On the side of the bed lay her purple panties that had a sheen, a short yellow dress, his black boxers, a white t-shirt and jeans. I always like her in that yellow dress. It offsets her brown skin so well. The dress hugs her high, narrow waist and then fans out. It also allows me peeks at her deep, dark cleavage. If she moved a certain way, or reached over for something, the dress would stretch and open slightly. I could see the roundness of her breasts and the base of her bra. The thought of what the bra upheld still makes my heart tick faster.

Seeing their clothes tossed aside, I knew their romp had started fast. The yellow dress, which tied with a matching belt, when undone, falls open, like a bathrobe. He hadn’t played around, fondled, or romanced her. They were there for one thing, and both were getting it. She was fine with it that way. Sex, bath, dinner, that’s the order she likes things to go. Other times, for her, however, the order is fuck her and fuck her fast. No playing.

He sat up on his knees. Her legs unlocked. He repositioned himself, so he could pull his cock out and then drive it into her, deeply and slowly. Gripping her feet spread high and wide, he watched the entry and withdrawal. Meanwhile, Farah’s hands moved down to rub herself. His new position lasted a few minutes. Soon he was over her again, fucking her hard.

Her hands reached around to his back and she drove her pink nails, which matched her toes, into his back. Red streaks appeared as she dragged her nails down. She passed his lower back and then dug them deep into each of his butt cheeks. It tensed up in response. A grin crossed her face, overtaking the snarled lip and pleasured eyebrows. She likes seeing pain in a man’s face and making his body arch. She has a desire to make men cringe in pain. She isn’t going to allow guys pure pleasure. They would need to wince a few times, not just let delectation cover their faces the entire time they fucked her.

She had him roll onto his back and then she climbed on. Squatting over him, she sat on his dick. The man grabbed onto the headboard. I always like to watch her sit on men. It gives me a chance to see her pussy gobble up the dick. She can handle the work so well, taking the dick nearly out of her and then sitting back down.

Her breasts are suited for this position too. They swing back and forth, like dangling fruit. If she calms her sitting, they become perfect for sucking and nibbling. If she starts her work again though, forget the large breasts, guys are taken to the brink of filling her up. She’s ruthless when it comes to the bedroom.

She rolled onto her back again. He climbed over her, between her legs. He fucked her for a few more minutes until his whole body stiffened. He became a statue for a moment as he left an explosion inside of her. He collapsed in relief. His body rested on top of her, squishing her. Their bodies rubbed, his chest against her breasts, his stomach against hers, his dick withering and resting against her.

The deed was done. He was pleased and she was pleased too. Nothing more to do.

These rendezvous are sensational. She’s amazing to watch, an actress, whether she’s laying flat on her back with legs spread wide or glancing at a man from across a bar. She’s worth watching. She and I now need to find the next guy.


Ms Yuna


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