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Signs Of True Love From A Man

When it comes to expressing their love verbally, men can shy away a bit and it is difficult to understand the emotions going on in their hearts. Looking for signs of true love from a man is tough. Are you confused too if your man truly loves you or not?

Here are some signs of true love from a man:

Yes, these are exactly how you know if your his lady of the hour.

1. He Does Not Mind Showing His Love In Public

Your man will not shy away from pampering you, sometimes even in public. He knows how to make you feel special. Holding hands, finding excuses to give you a hug or a light peck are subtle yet sure signs of true love from a man that he adores you totally.

2. Trust Comes Easy When With Him

He trusts you with his life and it is the same for you when he is concerned. Absence of suspicions and awkwardness from his side are his ways of telling you that you are the one and only for him.

3. He Uses ‘We’ More Than ‘I’

Be it any situation or circumstances, you are always part of it. He makes his future plans and life goals keeping you in mind. Discussions about life are never centred only on him but you also have a fair share of space too. As signs of true love from a man go, this is a change you will see happening.

4. He Always Respects You And Your Choices

Whatever may be the reason, there is no instance of him disrespecting you, whether in public or behind closed doors regarding your decisions or choices. He never insults you for taking them and cooperates amicably.

5. You Are His First Priority

When it comes to you, everything takes a back seat, even work or friends. You are the most important person in his life and he never fails to show that to you, coz he knows how to express love to you. Coz also he knows it’s one of the signs of true love from a man.

6. His Actions Speak Louder Than His Words

Other signs of true love from a man come from his actions. He believes in actually doing things for you rather than just boasting about it. His proactive and attentive nature as well as a steady concern for your well-being are just not mere words as he expresses them through actions too.

7. He Loves Pleasantly Surprising You Often

Getting you sweet little things and surprising you when you are least expecting it to lift up your mood shows that he truly cares for you. Your bad mood swings affect him too and he makes efforts to cheer you up.

8. He Introduces You To Family And Friends Without Hesitation

You are an essential part of his social circle and often meet his family and friends. He proudly shows you off and blushes at their cute and naughty remarks about you two as a couple.

9. “I Love You’ Sounds True When He Says It

When he whispers these three magical words in your ears, you can feel the strong conviction and affection in them. They are not spoken causally but with genuineness that makes your heart flutter with joy every time he says it. This is probably the most ‘un-positive’ positive of all the signs of true love from a man. Because the way he says it, and how he says it will tell you right away what he’s thinking.

10. He Remembers Your Favourites

He makes it a point that your favourite items are included often, be it your favourite colour, food, dress or any other favourite thing. He makes the effort to remember everything that concerns you.

11. He Does Not Mind Doing Things He Hates Because You Love Them

More signs of true love from a man? He has no qualms watching those sitcoms or rom-com flicks cuddled up on the couch just because you love it. It is your happiness that comes first for him.

12. He Treats You As An Equal Partner

There is no question of dominating you and you have an equal say in all decisions that are made. He does not suffocate you with his forbearing attitude but lets you grow too, as a person.

13. He Is Always There For You

This one is not just one of the signs of true love from a man, but a very real sign of true feeling toward you. In any crisis, he is with you to manage it, without fail, and you can solely depend on him when in a critical situation, be it emotional, financial family or work related or personal.

14. He Makes An Effort To Bond With Your Friends And Family

Your man wants to be accepted in your family and friends circle and you can actually see the efforts he makes to win their hearts, even if that means going an extra mile for that.

15. He Loves Spending Quality Time With You

He enjoys your company and looks forward to the dinner dates or a stay-at-home plan, sometimes even ditching his buddies to just be with you.

Well, hope we covered all the signs of true love from a man that can help you understand whether your man is genuinely in love with you or not. Want to add more to the list? Do share your thoughts and experiences.

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