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Signs You Are Doing Something Wrong

Now while it’s true that both partners can feel pain when it comes to sexual encounters (not the emotional kind, silly), women outnumber men by a considerable margin.

The consequences from pain during sexual intercourse – aside from completely ruining that particular session – range from a lowered sex drive to even a fear of sex. We think you’ll agree that fearing sex is no way to live your life, so if your sexy times are interrupted by cries of “ouch” instead of “ooh,” read on to see where the problem may lie.

1. Only Fools Rush In

There’s a whole song on the subject. The point is, without getting too much into statistics, we’re just going to say that women, generally, take longer to be aroused than men. If you feel like calling us out on that one, we’re just going to say that it’s worth extending your fooling around and foreplay for a nit more, just to see if it solves the problem. The problem being…

2. Kentucky Rain

Okay, no, but we couldn’t think of any other Elvis song that fit. The problem is a lack of lubrication. If you’re sure you’re getting enough foreplay, but optimal slipperiness remains elusive, a simple KY Jelly or similar will do the trick. You need lube.

3. A Tight Squeeze

While this is something that if the guy picks up on and says to the girl, will delight her, being too tight is generally not an altogether too pleasant experience. What to do? Slow down, be gentle. Take control by switching up positions and dictating at your own pace.

4. Infection

While possibly the un-sexiest thing to drop in the middle of any conversation, we have to alert you to the possibilities of infection. If the first three aren’t it, then go see a doctor. Tests are simple, infection is easily cured and staved away. Worry not.

5. Menopause

Affects most things, including the vagina. Effects can include but are not limited to parts of the vagina and vulva becoming additionally sensitive. What to do? See your OB/GYN and get on medication that will help you out.

6. Stress

If you’re stressed, you’re not interested. If you’re not interested, you’re never getting enough lubrication, see? While not going so much as replacing sex with yoga, you can explore the sensual ways in which to relax each other through massage. Light a couple of candles, pour some bubbly and lay on the smooth jazz, while you’re about it. Life is what you make it!


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