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Teenage Love Advice I Wish I Got For Common Teenage Love Problems

Throw in some hormones, changing physicality and acne to this mix, and viola! You have the worlds most complicated phase. It’s not easy being a teenager. Talking about teenage love advice, I can’t even begin to articulate the complications that love throws in at this age.

The people around you keep telling you that it’s nothing and it’s just a phase that you will grow out of etc. I’m not going to use a condescending tone, and tell you not to take yourself or love seriously. I will keep it short and real. Every phase of life brings with it it’s own set of complications. And at that point of time, it consumes you. Love is the greatest complication, and some times the easiest way people unintentionally go hurting someone you love.

So Here’s Some Solid Teenage Love Advice.

Everything about love is complicated, yes, be it falling in love, heartbreak, moving on and all that jazz. It feels like the all consuming emotion, and it is. It feels that way at any age. Trust me. So how do you deal with it all when you are a teenager? Here we go…

It Should Be Fun

Forever is too far away, sweet love sms for him or not. Hell! Next holiday season it too far away. Who knows where you guys will end up and where your college choices will take you? So the most sensible bit of real teenage love advice is to think about now. Is it fun? Are you happy? That’s all that matters at this point of time.

No Pressure

Seriously, as actual teenage love advice goes, you shouldn’t feel the pressure in any sense. To go out, to dress a certain a way, to do things differently, chuck the pressure. Basically, don’t be someone you are not or want to be. You will have your firsts, they will be awkward, but it should be on your terms, and with a person that you like. Most importantly, it should be because you want to and you understand the consequences, and can make responsible choices.

Don’t Ditch The Gang

We all do this. So carried away by love, we ignore our friends (you know, the gang). Don’t do that. Not cool. You probably don’t want to, and you probably don’t do it intentionally, but it happens. Friends stand by you. They stand up for you. You grew up with them, and are still growing up together. Don’t ignore that bond. It’s something to be treasured. They will probably still be around even after you screw up things with them but why do it in the first place? Make time for them. Do the things you like doing together. It’s the most important piece of teenage love advice you would ever recieve.

Plan Ahead, Without Ties

This is where the heavy teenage love advice starts. But this is also a necessity. Don’t make career choices based on your relationship. Don’t pick a college or career for love. Don’t apply to a course or college just to stay close. Don’t let go of one because it will keep you two apart. Make your individual plans. If they coincide and end up taking you to the same places then great! If they don’t, you will learn to deal with it. Don’t roll your eyes. This is important.

It’s Not The End Of The World

If and when you break up, it will feel like the end of the world. Well, our teenage love advice, based on so much of actual experience, says it’s not. You will also feel like you might never find love again, never find love like that again. Ahem. You will. The world seem like a harsh place. It is. It was. It always will be. Get used to it. Remember the gang that you ignored. You need them now, to like your love breakup status update, don’t you!

Love, like I said, is an all consuming emotion. It’s easy to get carried away, and make it the centre of your universe, or make the person that you are seeing the compass. I’ve done that too. Regretted it too.

You are still discovering your interests, personality traits. Making choices about what to pursue as a hobby and what to make your career choice. It’s okay to let love influence your personality and even your choices, but don’t let it define them.

You are going to get your heart broken a few times, break a few hearts yourself, before you find love. Or you could be one of the lucky few ones, who found their soul mates when they were still teenagers. Either way, you will have great memories to look back at and funny stories to narrate.


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