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“Shit,” Reagan breathed looking at her phone. The Uber was here. Eli had arrived in his lovely black Charger, license plate XTUD 459, and she wasn’t quite ready. She took one final look in the mirror and conceded that humidity had won today. A braid accessorized with frizz would have to do.

She grabbed her purse and rapidly groped around inside. Keys. Wallet. Phone. Taking one final sweeping glance around the apartment, she opened and closed the door, locked it, and as she turned, she found herself looking at a black Charger, license plate XTUD 459.

“Reagan?” a voice called from inside.

“Yes,” she called back, walking up to the car. “Eli?”

What greeted her was the most stunning smile she had ever seen, complemented by the most beautiful face and body attached.

Holy Fuck, she almost panted.

Reaching for the handle, she got in the car and was immediately engulfed in an inferno of heat. With an arm around the headrest, he swiveled around and asked “Windows okay?” flashing her another mega-watt smile.

Although the heat was almost unbearable, she replied, “Yes,” surprised at how husky her voice had become.

“Great.” He turned around, slid his finger along his phone signaling the start of the Uber ride.

And they were off.

He began to ask her the usuals:

“How are you? “

She wondered what it’d be like to fuck him. Where would it happen? Would he pull over to the side of the road and screw her in the back seat of his Charger?


She hoped not. She knew that they would have amazing sex if given the appropriate setting. Like, for example, a kitchen. They could have great sex in a kitchen. She could see him slamming into her, making her cry out in pain (pleasure?). Jesus Christ. She would nip at his ear in reply and Eli would surely let out a painful grunt and respond with an especially forceful thrust.

“Where ya headed tonight?

She had an inkling that his cock would be a masterpiece: long, thick and unrelenting. She imagined herself being completely and entirely filled with it. And she knew it would feel so good- much better than her current solution of utilizing her vibrator. God, it had been too long since she had last been properly fucked. She yearned for him to thrust her up against a counter and make her mewl in unimaginable ecstasy.

“This bar in River North… it does trivia on Wednesdays.”

She could almost feel him lifting her up onto the counter, pausing to aggressively rip open a condom and start to slide it down his shaft. His eyes would never leave hers and he would slowly twirl his fingers to instruct her to turn around for him. Of course she would oblige.

He’d reward her with a smack on the ass, following immediately with his rock hard penis pushing into her vagina in one swift movement.

“Dude. I love trivia. Which bar?”

She knew that from his vantage point, he would be able to see her heavy breasts bounce merrily, making slapping. noises against her skin. After administering another spank, he would crash deeper into her and she would begin to pant. From here, she knew it would be only mere moments before he would make her shatter into a million pieces.

“Puzzles. Like from How I Met Your Mother.”

He would wrap his arm around her body and grab hold of one of her soft breasts. He would play with her nipple, rolling it between his deft fingers. Involuntary moans would escape from her and he’d drive harder into her. Filling her. In. Out. In. Out. Faster and faster.

“I love that show!”

She squirmed in her seat, uncomfortably aware that she was soaking wet. She wanted to feel the pressure build up inside her. Wanted to feel him stroke her clitoris. Wanted to- to- to!, and she would pause and then the walls would come down, waves of pleasure coursing through her. God, it would feel so good to be fucked by Eli. Eli with the black Charger. Eli with the black Charger license plate XTUD 459.

“Well, here we are. Good luck!”

They had arrived at the bar and Reagan was painfully aware that her parts were throbbing and begging for release. Her vibrator was going to have to be her midnight snack tonight. Too bad she would never get to know how great sex could be between them.

She stepped outside of the car and called through the window, “Thanks for the ride, Eli.”

“No problem,” he called back giving her one last radiant smile. “Hey, have a good night, Reagan”

“Oh, I will.”

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