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Things Every Kooky Nerd Couple Does

Your friendly nerd couple; you see them on TV, or maybe at work. Or they’re a part of your friend circle, or it’s you and your lova-lova. I mean, you two are really cute and all, with all that brain and the matching eyewear. But like, you’re a bit..urm..nerdy?

Yes, we’ve made this one just for you. Here’s presenting a list of creepy-funny things every dual nerd pair does:

1. Planned Routine Sex

And they’re damn happy about it too. Everything is planned. Right from how they do it and what they do, everything is the same. If they do introduce new stuff and other forms of kink, an order is developed in a similar fashion and then followed through, every time.

2. Going To Bed With Laptops

And everything else, including phones, dongles, USBs, chargers, etc. The only reasons nerd couples get bedside tables is because they know they’ll need to put the lappy somewhere, along with any other stuff, or risk going to sleep weirdly, to make sure the laptop is nearby and safe.

FYI, sex is managed with everything in the vicinity.

3. Planned Non-communication

This is common in all couples, but your nerd combo take it to a whole new level. It’s like communication without communication. They both follow a routine, and stick to it, and they know each other’s routines well. There’s almost no talk on some days, with the exception of notifying each other of changes.

4. Reactions To Minor Changes In Routine

Since routines are the life force of these couples, a change in routine is planned for, with the eagerness of going camping, and then promptly forgotten about one out of two times, despite all preparations having been set up. If you’ve seen The Big Bang Theory, you’ll know what I mean. If not, google the term ‘Shamy’.

5. The ‘Uke’ Is The Boss

If she’s not, she will be, or she’ll find a guy who’ll let her be boss. The reason is pretty simple. They’ve both got a sizeable amount of grey matter between them, and all that grey matter recognizes that she’s good at that, the better of the two sometimes.

The term ‘uke’ originally referred to the ‘receiver’, but in this case it means the assertive ‘receiver’. It can be the guy, though it rarely happens in hetero couples.

6. They Dress Average. Always.

They are just like robots. And they’re in a relationship. They both had to learn to look good, and being perfectionists, they do it to a T. But the problem is that they learnt to do that by looking at people. They dress up, in tune with the times; the average population mimicry. There’s always at least one online order being delivered every few days to keep that system in place.

You know what? I’m a bit of a nerd too, so that word average may mean something entirely different to you.

7. Terror Zone

There will be one zone in the house that is a terror zone. It’s the place where a lot of things went to die, but never really died or left. It will consist of old electronics, old stuff, old clothes, old books, old indescribables. It’s a graveyard, a place where they collectively keep things they mutually know they will never be able to let go of, without help and therapy. And they don’t talk about it.

If one of them was not a geek, that place they don’t talk about wouldn’t have been there.

8. Fandoms

Loaded topic between them, but they’ll agree on at least one. Or you know there’s a breakup on the way. And, there will be ships, ones they will be very sensitive about. Look for signs on the car; it’ll help. And the line between fandom and hobbies is way past blurred. I’m talking sex in between Code Geass and stuck-on elf ears, or this:

9. Kits

There will be multiple tool kits in the house for many weird things. No one uses these tool kits, but they actively spend time together, buying them.

10. They’re Actually In It Together

They’re careful about this. They take care of each other. The meanness you’d see normal couples displaying every once in a while is completely absent with nerd couples. They really truly love each other, selflessly.


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