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Things Every Third Wheel Can Relate To

We don’t know about others, but every human who has been a third wheel can totally relate to the above. Sometimes, being a third wheel can be fun, but, there are days when this does take a toll on you. Here are 10 things every third wheel can relate to, give it a read:

1. Sometimes you enjoy a free meal. Other times… they group against you!

Some days, when you accompany them on dates, they are sweet enough (or pity you enough) to pay for your meals. But then, you also face days when your best friend and their significant other pair up against you and ask you to pay for your own food. The third wheel experience is the time when you realize how evil your bestie’s boyfriend/girlfriend is and how easily manipulated your bestie is.

2. “You totally can join us. In fact, you should come along. It’ll be fun.”

Abort mission! I repeat! Don’t go with them!

Despite your head screaming all those statements at you, you still decide to go along with your best friend and their partner, because… he/she is your best friend? (You honestly have no clue how to fill in the blanks after ‘because’. You were probably possessed to say a ‘yes’ and were convinced it would be fun. Lies… they were all lies.

3. Sharing your bestie with their boyfriend/girlfriend is not fun.

And then there are times when your best friend’s significant other gets you all jealous. No, not with the PDA and stuff, it’s because of the amount of time they get to spend with your bestie. All that time used to be yours, but now you are forced to share it and smile through the entire situation.

4. Third wheeling on their PDA. Gross.

Ah, third wheeling them on their dates or to the movies isn’t such a bright idea after all. Your bestie and their significant other are much more distracting and gross than watching a brother and a sister from the movie ‘Divergent’, end up kissing in the movie, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. So. Not. Good.

5. They’re suddenly matchmakers for you.

You don’t require an online dating site if your bestie is dating. She/he and their partner try to keep you busy during their dates by hooking you up with people. This could get annoying sometimes, because the only reason why you’re third wheeling is because you wanted to spend time with your best friend, but now, you’ve to make an effort to look presentable and bear sitting opposite to an alien whom you aren’t interested in.


For you, this means watching movies at home with two of your good friends, accompanied by donuts, popcorn, candies, chocolates and pizza, all through the night, funded by your bestie’s boyfriend. But, for your bestie, this refers to getting some romance and a little naughty and personal action from their boyfriend/girlfriend. No matter what you must’ve thought, your night is sure to end watching a bloody scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre being accompanied by the explicit sound effects made by your lovely friends.

7) You feel like that unwanted extra piece of rope when they hold hands or hug

When you are holding your best friend’s hand and then suddenly, their partner catches hold of their hand and pulls them close in a warm embrace, your bestie doesn’t let go of your hand and you automatically get dragged into a weird hug where you feel unwanted. While there is a warm hand around your best friend, you feel lonely because, no one is hugging you and you’re openly being ignored.

8. And feeling that way gets the best of you.

Because they are constantly having hearts in their eyes, don’t notice your presence around during their PDA sessions or are simply flirting so cutely with each other, you can’t help but feel lonely. This sometimes makes you wish you had someone who’d treat you and spoil you the same way… though this thought is temporary and you return back to being the “awesome single human” that you’ve always been!

9. Attending a party that your best friend and their partner were invited to? Think again.

If you end up being a accompanying your bestie and their significant other at a party, chances are, you aren’t just going to be the third wheel, your status would rather get elevated due to the abundance of couples making out around you and you finally realize that there are positions like ninth wheel, fifteenth wheel or the twentieth wheel.

10. Secretly wishing that they break-up?

And sometimes, due to all the third wheel ignorance that you go through, you secretly wish that they break-up and you get your bestie back. But then you don’t want your bestie to be sad (though, honestly, it is mainly because you can’t handle their tears) and for the fact that your best friend and their boyfriend/girlfriend are more like parents to you, the very thought of ‘wishing that they break-up’ makes you feel guilty because, you are already attached to them. Besides, they wouldn’t be complete without each other. You love them this way, too!


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