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Tips to De-stress yourself ( i usually do ! )

Stress can creep up on you, especially after a breakup. Outside of the usual take a bath and eat some ice-cream like you see in every rom-com ever, we thought we would recommend some de-stressers you may not have heard of.

Get Outside: There’s nothing better than a little fresh air and vitamin D can help you relax.

Do some yoga: Don’t have access to a class? Do Yoga With Me is a great website that offers free yoga videos.

Sweat it Out: Kick-boxing come to mind. We love to punch it out. A nice long run, really anything to get your heart rate up and release some endorphins.

Eat More Fish (like Salmon or mackerel – something with omega-3 fatty acids): Research shows that more omega-3 causes people to produce less strew hormone cortisol and more DHEA (a stress-relieving hormone)

Listen to Music: Especially classical music, which slows heart rate, lowers blood pressure and decreases stress hormones

Hang out with some friends you know will make you laugh: “Laughter is the best medicine” is based in more than just cliche.

Have a spa day (or give yourself a manicure): It’s always nice to treat yourself. You will feel hot!


Ms Yuna


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